15 Things That Describe What Your Kink Actually Is

A few months ago, I was engaging in my daily meme-sourcing routine (scroll through Twitter, scroll through Instagram, scroll through Tumblr, repeat), when I stumbled upon one of those delightful “signs as” Tumblr horoscope memes. This one was, as you can see, focused on the subject of kinks. Apparently, I am and forever will be, according to Tumblr user Horoscaping, a “Kink Shamer:”


To that, I will just say: Not all Virgos, buddy! But this post got me thinking– it might actually be impossible to be a true kink shamer because, if you think about it, everyone kind of has a kink. You just might not think of it that way, because it’s not exactly sexual in nature. Or is it? Basically, there is a meme of sorts (though, really, what isn’t a meme?) via Twitter and Tumblr, that attributes any basic human emotion to being, well a kink. Using this kind of reasoning, your kink could be, I don’t know, when someone responds to one of your texts in under a minute. Or when you yourself forget to respond to a message, so you just pretend that it isn’t there. In any case, Twitter and Tumblr understand what your kink *actually* is–check ’em out here:

1. Yep:



2. Positively filthy:


3. *Shivers with delight*


4. Maybe you’re more on the vindictive side? No kink-shaming here!


5. Ugh, yes:



6. When a misogynist comes around>>>>>:


7. Fair:


8. Well…yes:



9. Oh baby:


10. That secret La Croix kink community is small but powerful:


11. Too close to home?


12. Mmmmmm:


13. So nice:

14. Who can’t relate?


15. Ah, yes. Me too:

What do you think of these posts? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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