13 Posts Every Girl Who’s Trying To Get Over Someone Needs To See

You know what you and Justin Bieber have in common? You just can’t seem to get over that one person you dated a while back. Or hooked up with. Or had a “thing” with. Or, simply, had a crush on from afar (hey, there are a lot of ways to get your heart broken!). Like, don’t lie–you’re still totally lurking their Instas, thinking of them every time you hear the song “Hotline Bling,” and considering sending them a text about the date you have later “by accident.” And, honestly, this makes sense. If you like someone on any level, it’s hard to flip the switch from “on” to “off,” especially if it’s something that didn’t exactly end on your own terms.

But, fortunately (unfortunately?), you’re definitely not alone here. If you delve into certain corners of Twitter and Tumblr, it becomes pretty clear that pretty much everyone–not just you and Justin Bieber!–is working on getting over someone. So, there are a lot of ~inspirational~ posts that will 100% ~motivate you to ~move on.~ Tildes and all. Check out these posts that you definitely need to see if you’re trying to get over someone:

1. When something like this happens…it sucks. Objectively:



2. Don’t subtweet:


3. Set this as an alarm on your phone:



4. Remember all the times you missed out on your REM sleep because of them:



5. And all the times you played the “will-they-or-won’t-they” texting BS game:



6. Make this your mantra:



7. And this:



8. Take up a new fitness regimen:



9. Think of the light at the end of the tunnel:



10. Yup:



11. Take these candles with you everywhere you go:



12. It’s gonna be okay:


13. Seriously:



Are you trying to get over someone? Which of these posts was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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