7 Date Ideas That Are A Lot Less Boring Than Going To The Movies

Who decided that movies make for the perfect date night? This is especially puzzling when it’s suggested as a first date idea. Sure, you’re sitting real close to your crush, and if you sit in the back of the theater you could probably start making out without anyone noticing.

But those are two pros up against far more cons: You’re essentially unable to talk to each other for at least two hours, movie tickets and food are expensive af, you have very little privacy because you’re surrounded by other people, and if you actually want to watch the movie, making out isn’t going to happen. So as far as opportunities to get close with someone you really like, it’s tough to think of many things more unromantic than sitting in silence with a bag of popcorn leaving a grease stain on your jeans, hoping that your date isn’t creeped out by the way you admire their profile in the glow of the big screen.

If your next best date idea is Netflix and chillin’, listen: Hooking up is fun, but it’s also fun to actually, you know, go outside. This is especially important if you’re in a perpetual “hanging out” state with somebody and you’re ready to move closer to the DTR point. It’s time to think outside of the box! Consider these seven date ideas that will guarantee a good time.

Hit Up a Farmer's Market Or Food Festival

I don't believe in dates that don't involve food at some point. So why not indulge in a date entirely devoted to nothing but food? If there's a farmer's market in your town, suggest that you and your boo hit it up. A lot of vendors sell pretty cheap food, and you might be able to snag some samples too. Hell yeah, free food. Many major cities also have flea markets and food festivals with loads of food trucks that you guys can swing by. So grab some food, sit for a while, and grab some more food; the ultimate bonding experience.


Go To A Record Shop

If you and your bae are really into music, this is a required date. I know, music stores are a lot more scarce these days, but there might be a few cool ones left in your city or somewhere nearby. Music stores are treasure troves for vintage albums, new releases, old cassettes, posters, merch...you name it. You can have a laugh at some of the ridiculous album covers or show off your killer music taste. Even if you don't leave the store with an actual purchase, it's still a good time.


Go Out With A Photo Challenge

So how's this for a date idea? What if you and your date decide to explore your neighborhood or a few different spots in town and play photographer. But not with your cell phone, but with actual film instead. I'm talking a disposable camera or an instant camera. Yep, no deletions or filters, just the world as is. It can be a really fun project for the two of you, and you'll get a lot of great pics out of it, too.


Go To A Museum

I love art, but even I know that some museums can be a total snoozer. Still, museum dates have a lot of great date potential. When you're not discovering each others artistic likes and dislikes, you're spending time laughing at some of the more ridiculous paintings or taking fun selfies in front of butt happy sculptures. Plus, if you find the right nook, the museum can be a great make out spot. Just...don't let a tour group see you. That's just awkward.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Swing By A Gig

If you're into concerts and live somewhere with a fun local scene, why not suggest that you and your crush/bae/whatever go to a gig? They're usually pretty reasonably priced, you can get cozy, and you'll see a few band perform. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

YouTube/Sonic Youth

Play A Sport

If you and your potential date are athletically inclined, why not go for a lil' one-on-one? Hear me out: You have an excuse to get all up in your crush's grill on the basketball court or on the soccer field and share some sweat. That's intimate. Plus, maybe you'll kick their ass and get to gloat about it for a while. If you're not into anything competitive, there's always bike rides.

Bend It Like Beckham

Go Thrifting

Trust me, thrifting can be such a fun date. Not only can you find some great finds, you can try on some seriously ridiculous clothes and have a good laugh. Seriously, use this as an excuse to find a ridic '80s prom dresses or '70s jumpsuits to rock, maybe some '90s overalls, too. If you can be playful with each other, that's a good sign.



What other date ideas should more people try? Do you think that Netflix and chillin’ killed dates? Tell us in the comments!

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