14 Little Things You Do You Didn’t Know Annoy Your Friends

Best friends are, quite clearly, the best. You can talk to them about everything from periods to crushes to homework without wondering if they are secretly judging you. Their fridge is your fridge, and their closet is your closet. You can spend hours hanging out gossiping, or saying nothing at all. They’re always there to spot you $5 and share their McDonald’s with you. They are also the person you can be 100 percent yourself with… which means that you are probably doing a whole bunch of little things that annoy them without even realizing it. 

See, sometimes, the best things about your BFFs can also be the worst. Being too close with someone can mean that sometimes you spend too much time together. You say exactly what you feel and get a little bit too blunt. You stop worrying about whether or not they’re going to friend-ghost you, so you stop caring about if something might be annoying to them. I mean, that’s great, but it can also be, well… not so great. Have you ever wondered if you do something that gets under your friends’ skin? Here are 14 things you do you didn’t know annoy your friends: 

1. Sending them screen shots of all of your other conversations.

paris hilton texting ok

It’s fun to collaborate over what to say next to your crush, or laugh at the joke your other bestie made. But your friends really don’t need the play by play every. single. time. They have their own texts to handle, too.


2. Talking about your crush constantly. 

blah blah blah

Speaking of play by plays – analyzing every single word your crush said today probably isn’t your friends’ favorite after-school activity; hearing about each glance can get old. Let them have time to share their he-smiled-at-me-in-the-hallway-what-does-it-mean moments, too.


3. Borrowing their things all the time and never returning them. 

mine finding nemo

Sharing clothes, makeup, jewelry, music, and magazines is great. However, constantly borrowing your friends’ things can put them out. Make sure they’re actually comfortable lending you the item, take extremely good care of it, and give it back in a timely manner. And maybe offer to let them wear your new shirt next time. Oh, and remember to return them. Seriously.


4. Complaining about your other friends.

barbies telling secrets

Sometimes you guys need to vent to each other, but when it gets to be too much, it’s just… frustrating.


5. Not responding to their text messages.

text reply

They see your Snapchat, they know you’re just sitting at home watching Netflix with your dog. Be responsive! It’s bad enough that their crush takes an hour to text back.


6. Always hanging out at their house.

miss piggy invited

It can be stressful to be the host all the time. Invite people over to your house sometimes, or suggest you hang out somewhere else so your friend doesn’t always have to keep their bedroom clean.


7. Forgetting their favorite color/food/song.

i don't remember

You’re friends! Remember? You’re supposed to know certain things!


8. Flirting with their siblings.

are we flirting

It may seem harmless, but unless your friend has told you they’re 100% down with this, bat your eyelashes at the other folks in school.


9. Talking to their crush.

no chitchat

Sometimes your friend might want a wingw-oman, but sometimes they want to do it own their own. Don’t embarrass them if they’re not ready to make a move.


10. Borrowing money.

money please

You forgot your lunch money again? Your friends probably don’t mind covering for your ticket at the movie theater every once in awhile, but don’t make a habit out of it. And pay it forward—don’t complain next time they need change for the vending machine.


11. Not paying them back right away.

i want my money

What’s the big deal, if you see each other every day? Money is a sensitive subject. It’s always best to be prompt when cash is on the line.


12. Always calling shotgun.

which seat can i take

Let them have control over the radio for once.


13. Forgetting to ask how that exam went.

my bad

They’ve been stressing about that calculus test for weeks. It’s great that you’ve been there to listen to their complaints, but it’s even better to remember to ask them how it went after the fact, too. Remembering the little things can go a long way.


14. Always taking the last French fry.

kim k french fries

Trust me, I get it. French fries are delicious, and you’re hungry. But sharing is caring, my friend.

Which of these things annoys you the most? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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