Quiz: Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size?

Having to wear a bra is annoying is enough on its own, but a wrong fitting one is even worse! Straps constantly falling or underwire digging into your chest are just a few frustrating things that can be experienced when wearing the wrong bra size. The right size bra should fit comfortably and not dig or pinch you in any way. Did you know that more than 64 percent of girls aren’t wearing the right fitting bra? How crazy is that statistic? Most girls don’t even realize their wearing the wrong size bras and are shocked when they find out what their true size actually is.

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Maybe you haven’t been fitted in a while, or maybe your bras have been driving you crazy and leaving angry red marks around your chest. Answering a few important questions will help you figure out if you’re wearing the right bra size. You can kiss those uncomfortable bras goodbye! Take our quiz right now to find out if you need to go bra shopping or not:


Did you find out your bra size? Were you wearing the wrong one? Tell us in the comments below!

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