7 Things You’re Paying More For Just Because You’re A Girl

If you haven’t yet heard of the Pink Tax, prepare to get angry. The Pink Tax is a term that describes the fact that women pay more for certain goods and serves than men do. That in itself is unfair, but considering the fact that we are payed 78 cents for every dollar a man makes, that really doesn’t seem fair. A recent study released in December 2015 by the New York City Department Of Consumer Affairs  (DCA) found that women are paying more than men 42 percent of the time. THAT’S A HUGE NUMBER. Over the course of our lives, we’re spending thousands of dollars more than men on similar products. I don’t know about you, but I could really use that extra money in my wallet.


The Pink Tax problem isn’t new. In 1995, California became the first state to ban gender-based price differences for services in places like hair salons and dry cleaners. While this progress twenty years ago is commendable, it seems that there is still a lot of work to be done in this arena. It just doesn’t make sense that women have to pay more for products because they’re pink or smell like flowers.

Here are a list of products that you’re probably paying more for without realizing it:

Girl Toys

The same exact toys (just different colors) are often priced differently when marketed to girls. On what planet does that make sense? Girls' toys cost more than boys' toys 55 percent of the time. Helmets and padding showed a big discrepancy- do they need different material to protect girls and boys? ABSOLUTELY NOT.



All girls know the pain of having to shell out that enormous pile of cash for new razorblades. It's bad enough that we practically have to shave our entire body to fit into society's norms, but we actually have to pay more to do so. It turns out that women's razors are 11% more expensive than men's.



Jeans for women cost 10 percent more on average. While women's jeans may have higher manufacturing costs, but experts say that it "has nearly no relationship to the production costs." The study found that women usually pay more on higher-priced clothing and men pay more on lower-priced clothes.



Either girls' armpits are smellier than guys' (NOT) or women are getting seriously scammed. Women pay three percent more for deodorant than men do. THAT STINKS.



Shampoo has the largest price discrepancy of all the personal care products. The average cost is $57.18 for women and $50.78 for men. While the bottles might not be explicitly be marked "for men," shampoos are clearly organized by gender in drugstores. Mens shampoos are boxy and dark in color while feminine shampoos have curvy bottles and light colors.



According to the DCA study, women pay an alarming 15 percent more for shirts than men. This Abercrombie & Fitch screenshot is a blatant example.


Senior Care Products

It doesn't get better as you get older, ladies. The only category that men pay more for is digestive health. All the others (canes, diapers, etc.) rip off the older women. Guess we that to look forward to...


Does it make you angry to think you’re paying more for products just because you’re a girl? Had you heard of this before? Let me know in the comments below!

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