9 Signs You’re Actually Really Terrible At Sexting

Although it seems like a new phenomenon, sexting has more than likely been around ever since the first text was sent. While it should be considerably easier to be be flirty and scandalous through text messaging rather than face-to-face, sexting isn’t as simple as it seems. It can be seriously intimidating! What are you supposed to say? Does that one message sound a little too over-the-top? Okay, wait, but now is it too innocent? Is bae going to think you’re coming on too strong and get freaked out? Should you add an emoji to make it cuter? Wait, should sexting even be cute? UGH! These are the thoughts that will run through your head if you feel like you’re terrible at sexting, which, honestly, is probably a more common feeling than you think.


Being “good” at sexting is pretty subjective, because everyone likes different things, and what works for one person may be a total “WTF” moment for another person. But, in general, you can’t come off as confident and sexy if you’re not comfortable with what you’re writing, or if you don’t know what you like sexually. So, how do you know if you’re a sexting pro or if you need to have some extra practice? Here are nine signs that you’re actually really terrible at sexting. Don’t worry! You can always improve.

You Overuse Emojis

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of emojis, because what is a good conversation without them? However, when it comes to sexting, your emoji use should be more limited. Just sticking to the winky face is your best bet. Let your sexy words do the talking without added smiley faces which could be too distracting.

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You're Putting Way Too Much Thought Into Your Sexts

Sexting should be fun, but it stops being fun when you take it too seriously. There's no need to spend 25 minutes planning out what you're going to text. Not as much thought has to go into sexts as you might think. There’s no need to write the great American novel of sexting – just write what comes into your head and have fun with it!

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You Include Your Face In The Pics You Send

Planning on sending scandalous pictures along with your messages? Okay, but please be careful. First of all, if you send a naked image and it leaks and you’re underage in your state, you can actually be charged with child pornography. Second, if the dude decides to be a huge jerk and show others, at least your face won’t be in it. It’s just a small way to protect yourself a little bit more.

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You’re Saying Things You Don’t Even Understand

Feel free to experiment with what you’re saying, but don’t grab lines from the Internet or your friends if you have no idea what you’re saying. That doesn’t sound genuine and is only going to make you feel awkward. Stick with what you know!

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You’re Being Too Technical

Sexting gets a little weird when you’re using technical terms for everything. I mean, does this sound sexy to you? ‘I want you to put your penis into my vagina for intercourse.’ No, it doesn’t. It sounds like a robot. Try using some dirty slang words to keep things more casual and less reminiscent of your health class textbook.

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You Take An Hour To Sext Back

The sexy mood might be ruined if it takes you forever to respond back to his dirty text. Whenever engaging in a sext session, try to keep the conversation going back and forth quickly, without many delays in between or it ruins the vibe.

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You're Sexting But Not Hooking Up

There’s nothing wrong with sending flirty texts if you’re not hooking up with someone. But if you’re sexting someone you’re dating or hanging out with, don’t let sexting take over everything. Sexting should be fun and should happen once in a while – it shouldn’t take the place of your actual sex life. If you’re saying things you would never do IRL, stop! Just say what you’re comfortable with.

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You Filter Your Pictures To The Point Of Being Instagram Worthy

If you insist on sending pictures no matter what we advise against, at least keep it real. There is no need to Photoshop or filter your sexting photos so that you start to resemble Kylie Jenner. Just be yourself!

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You're Not Being Mysterious

Sexting your boyfriend or girlfriend? Saying things like, 'When I get ready to see you, I’m going to put on my sexy black underwear (wink face).’ doesn’t sound super exciting. Instead, be a little bit more mysterious, and say something like, ‘Wait till you see what I’m wearing later (wink face).’ You shouldn’t be giving everything away with sexting – it should be more a little bit of foreplay, you know? Being too specific verges on being too technical, which just sounds boring.

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Do you relate to any of these signs? Have you had any bad sexting experiences? Tell us in the comments below!

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