11 Sexist Ads That Will Make You Unbelievably Angry

At this point, hearing the words “sexist” and “advertisement” in direct correlation with one another isn’t really a surprise. Sex sells, or so they say, and it’s usually women who bear the brunt of delivering the sex to be bought by men, theoretically, being used as punchlines in

Still, though, just because we’re used to things being a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s okay. Case in point–a new slew of ads from Calvin Klein. The brand just launched a campaign full of various “influencers” (models, actors, singers, etc.) with the hashtag #mycalvins that features some…weird (to say the very least) imagery. Basically, all of the men featured in the campaign are shown from some vantage point of power, while the women seem to just be there to exist things to look at. Heidi Zak, the CEO of lingerie company ThirdLove, took note of this sexism and decided to do something about it–she started a Change.org petition to have a particularly sexist billboard (which we’ll get to in a second) removed. Check out the Calvin Klein ad, plus a few other sexist ones that might just make your blood boil:

1. Calvin Klein:

In this billboard ad, actress Klara Kristen and rapper Fetty Wap are placed side by side. Kristen’s side of the billboard says, “I seduce in #mycalvins,” while Fetty Wap’s says, “I make money in #mycalvins.” This propagates a type of sexism that, honestly, at this point, is more lazy than anything else–that women aren’t good for anything but their bodies (bodies that are only good while they’re desireable for men, too) while men are autonomous, highly-functioning moneymakers. Yawn. After Heidi Zak’s campaign, the billboard did end up getting removed, but the fact that it even existed in the first place is kind of an issue.

2. Beach Body Ready:

Ugh. Remember this ad? It was all over the subway in New York and tube in London, and many people protested it for, uh, obvious reasons–it implies (or, rather, just says) that a women’s  body is only ready for the beach once it reaches a certain standard, either through a “cleanse” or PhotoShop. Eventually, the ads were removed from London trains, but remained in New York for a while.
3. Spirit Airlines:
4. Hardee’s Cod Fish Sandwich:

Mmmm, hot women eating food for the pleasure of men! Nothing better!
5. Hyundai “First Date:”

In which Kevin Hart literally stalks his daughter while she’s on a date-it’s presented as a weet gestrue, and sold very well through Kevin Hart’s neurotic energy, but it’s really more like, as Bitch Media calls it, “paternalistic BS.”
6. Doritos Ultrasound:

Men love Doritos. Babies love Doritos. Men love Doritos so much they just can’t help eating them in the ultrasound room, and babies love Doritos so much they just can’t wait to tear themselves out of the womb to get them. Sorry, mom!
7. Every Green M&M ad ever:

8. Carl’s Jr “Mystique” Ad:

The theme of this ad is “man up.” Because women are too dainty for this burger. They can eat fish sandwiches on the beach for Hardee’s but not this particular sandwich. Why? Who knows.
9. Dodge’s “Man Last Stand:”

It is so tough being a man in this day and age! Always being emasculated by your girlfriend and having to sahve and watch vampire TV shows! The only solution? A Doddge. Duh. (In the end, I think it’s safe to say that this ad ends up being equally offensive to both men and women, probably.)
10. Pot noodle “Peel the top off a hottie” ad:

This is an…odd advertisement from 2013 that implies that if you eat Piri-Piri chicken Pot Noodles on a bus, a sexy lady will dance with you until you run out of your Piri-Piri chicken Pot Noodles, at which point the sexy lady will turn into a man. It’s sexist. It’s homophobic. Offensive to bus drivers everywhere who would really prefer it if you didn’t eat ramen on a bus, actually. The whole deal.
What do you think of these ads? Are they sexist or not? Let us know in the comments!
11. Snickers Marilyn Monroe ad:

Ah, yes. Just as Marilyn Monroe’s ghost would have wanted. (In all honesty, though, this ad is preeettty transphobic, as a bunch of people pointed out.)

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