11 Times #RelationshipGoals Couples Played Video Games And It Made No Sense

It is hard to tell whether or not a boy will ever condone a girl playing video games in their presence. One minute, they’re all “I just want a girl who is a gamer, like me, a boy who plays video games,” then they’re like “No, not those video games,” and then they’re sending death threats to any girl who has ever said that she likes video games, which brings us to the question that we always seem to end up at, somehow: What is wrong with guys?  (Nobody actually knows and nobody will ever know, I suspect.)

But, back to gaming. Do boys like girls who “game?” It is literally impossible to tell! Just to be safe, you might consider playing your video games like many of my favorite couples on the web. These couples are, of course, the famous Relationship Goals couples–they of the home invasion-style  rose petals and giant teddy bears–and they have a beautiful way of playing  these games. It involves the guy playing his special masculinity-affirming game (Call of Duty? Grand Theft Auto? Wii Fit Tennis? I have never actually played a video game myself), while a girl lays on top of him, draping her arms around his neck and just…waiting, I guess. Not watching, because she can’t actually see the screen.  Thinking about giving her lover a tender kiss on the beard.  It is not comfortable for anyone involved, nor is it pleasant, and it sets feminism back about a hundred years, but that is all irrelevant. Above all else, these couples are goals. Relationship goals. They must know something we don’t, right? Check out the weirdest video game couples ever:

1. Is she dead?


2. Yes, unfortunately, your girlfriend is dead:


3. “Perfect:”

4. This is relationship goals–we know this, because it is from the mouth of Mr. “Florida Thot” himself:


5. A girl may play video games, but only if it is “FIFA with the booty,” obviously:


6. Like so:

7. Stand by your mans when he plays Candy Crush, too:


8. And gets caught up on the COD forums:


9. “Witch” one first?



10. Is this Zayn and Gigi?

11. Ah, yes. Goals:


What do you think of these couples? Are they goals to you? Let us know in the comments!

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