14 Clever DIY Projects That Will Make Your Life More Organized

I don’t know about you guys, but I love organizing. When my everyday essentials are in a specific place for easy access, I don’t get as flustered when looking for something I need – it’s all neat and ready for me. Who actually enjoys rummaging through drawers to find their favorite pair of tights when they’re in a rush to get out the door? Or how about spending a good 10 minutes taking knots out of the cord of  a cell phone charger before you can actually use it? Although these problems seem pretty minuscule compared to other issues we may be dealing with, they’re still really frustrating and can just generally contribute to stress and anxiety.


Organizing the necessities in your life seems like an annoying process at first that you don’t really have time for, but trust me, it’s totally worth it in the long run. You could go out and spend money on a bunch of containers and bedroom items, or you could do something more fun and make some unique DIY projects. Crafting can be intimidating, but not every tutorial is hard – in fact, some are super simple. I searched the Internet for you to find some very easy DIY projects that are quick to put together and will make your life so much more organized. These will help you become the girl who has it all figured out, which is kind of cool. Check ’em out:

1.Use ribbons to keep loose cables organized and tidy. 



Nothing is worse than trying to untangle your laptop charger to plug it in when it is about to die and then realizing it’s totally mixed up with other cords. Some ribbon, glue, and wires ensure you’ll never have to fuss with messy cords again. This project keeps your wires and cables organized and makes them look super cute and colorful.


2. Repurpose an old book to create a docking station for your cell phone.







This book covered in fabric makes such a pretty docking station for a cell phone. A dock for your cell phone keeps the cord in place, and keeps your nightstand looking tidy.


3. An old pill bottle can be used as a small storage item for your purse.






When carrying any sort of large purse, it usually entails your precious small items falling to the bottom of your bag. Items such as bobby pins, or hair ties are always the victims to these big bags. Why not keep all these small items contained in a cutely decorated pill bottle? Such a crafty idea!


4. Clothespins can help tidy up your tights. 





Tights are one of those articles of clothing that you never know where to store. If you try folding them, they never stay neat. If you try hanging them up with a hanger, the tights could stretch. If you’ve experienced this dilemma, there is a solution to your problem: clothespins. Using a ruler and pencil, measure and mark on a wall where you want to hang your clothespins. From there, use a glue gun to attach the clothespins to where you drew your line. Finally, hang and organize those tights!


5. An old mint container can be used to carry around your earbuds.



Instead of throwing out an empty mint container, use it as a small place to store your earbuds. To make this on-the-go friendly, drill two small holes to loop a key chain ring through to attach to your purse or keys. Make the container colorful and decorative by attaching stickers, rhinestones, or even fabric.


6. Save those soda can tabs to store double the amount of clothes in your closet. Score!



This project is super easy! Put a soda can tab onto your hangers to give space for more clothing items.


7. A shoe box filled with toilet paper rolls will keep your pens organized.



A creative way to declutter your desk to keep all your pens and pencils in one place. You’ll never have to worry about finding a pen once you make this pen holder. This is a really easy project that is totally useful!


8. Put shower hooks on a hanger to keep scarves neat. 



Instead of throwing your pretty scarves into a drawer, keep them on display by hanging them using shower road rings. Your scarves will be separated so it’s super easy to take them down to wear. You’ll also never forget about that fabulous scarf you got for your birthday last year because using this organizer, you can’t miss it!


9. Never lose another clip balm with this clever key chain holder. 



If you’re someone like me who always seem to lose lip balms, you can kiss your frustrations goodbye with this handy lip balm holder. Although a sewing machine is required for this project, it’s still very simple to make.


10. Protect and carry your sunglasses with a cute fabric pouch.




Gluing-the-top-edge (1)





Since sunglasses can easily get scratched or worse, lost, it’s always a smart idea to carry them in a protective pouch. Make this puch and feel free to throw your sunglasses in your purse without worrying about them getting ruined. So smart!


11. Always know where the TV remote by keeping them close.



Sewing some decorative fabric together will allow you to store all of your remotes in the same place. You’ll never have to miss your favorite show again because you’ll always know where the remote is.


12. Everything in your bag can have its own place with this cardboard organizer.



Using fabric and pieces of an old cereal box, you can easily create an organizer for your bag. Aside from being able to find everything you need, this organizer will also make it super easy to transfer all your belongings when you switch purses.


13. Keep all your small jewelry together in a cutely painted jewelry dish.





Small earrings and rings can get lost so easily. To never lose an earring or any other small jewelry again, keep all your personal items together in this pretty dish. You can display this dish anywhere from your desk, to your dresser, to even your bathroom counter. The lid for the dish also allows you to keep everything contained and concealed.


14. Hang your favorite magazines to make them easily accessible for you to read.



Tie a black cord and loop it through your favorite magazines to hang on a hook strip. Hanging your magazines not only makes them super easy to grab and read, but it’s a very chic look to add to a room.

Did you try any of these projects? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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