7 Of The Craziest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Of All Time

I have always been of the belief that everyone should believe in at least one conspiracy theory over the course of their life. See, immediately discounting any and all conspiracy theories is just no fun, but blindly accepting any of them is just a good way to make people not want to be friends with you. My own inclination towards conspiracy theories has always been more celebrity-focused than anything else–I’m not really a chemtrails type of girl, and while I would love to believe that some people I know are secretly lizards, I just cannot truly accept that, you know? Celebrity conspiracy theories are perfect, though, since most of us feel like we know celebrities pretty well–most of them are so freaking present in our lives–but they’re also distant enough so that if you see the right picture of them in which their nose looks particularly angular, you might feel like, yeah, sure. That’s a triangle, and Matty B. Raps is absolutely in the Illuminati.


This is why the one conspiracy theory that I believe in, personally, is that Nick Jonas fell in with a ruthless, elite gambling/ fight club in the later years of his adolescence, which gave him a killer bod but also sapped him of all of his money, meaning that he’s at the club’s mercy until he pays them back. They then forced the Jonas Brothers to break up so that they could employ NJ as their dancing monkey who is forced sing for his supper in a variety of locations and/or take off his shirt whenever he hears the words “Scream Queens.”

Did I make this one up myself? Yes. Will I be taking it to my grave? Absolutely. Don’t @ me (or do! We can talk about it there). In any case, there are a bunch of super-interesting celebrity conspiracy theories out there, from the whole Beyonce/Jay-Z/ Illuminati 666 business to the Katy Perry/ JonBenet Ramsey thing. So, no matter how you feel about conspiracy theories in general, you should check out the weirdest celebrity conspiracy theories ever–maybe one of them will become your own special theory:

What did you think of these conspiracy theories? Do you believe any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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