7 Weird Habits You Had No Idea Are Causing Your Body Acne

Body acne. If there was anything that the phrase “insult to injury” was meant to describe, it might be those two words–like, having pimples on your face is bad enough, but it’s something that most people know that they’re going  to have to deal with at some point or another. You know to expect a zit on your chin here or some blackheads on your nose there. But when acne shows up on your back, chest, shoulders, and, um…other places (hey, buttne is real), it can kind of feel like your body is just giving up.  Its presence feels unnatural, shameful, most importantly, it feels like it might never go away.

As it turns out, though, you can make body acne go away, because in a lot of cases, body acne is actually caused by some things that you do every day–so, once you find out what they are, you can, you know, stop doing them. If you’ve got bacne, buttne, chest acne (chacne?) or anything in between, you need to check out these weird habits that you had no idea that are causing your body acne:

Not Rinsing Your Hair Properly

According to Dr. Christie Kidd--Kendall Jenner's dermatologist--a major cause of body acne is how you wash your hair. See, while the common showering order is to wash your hair, put conditioner in, and wash your body while the conditioner's soaking, this can be really bad for your skin, because the conditioner tends to soak into your skin while it's soaking into your hair, too. Conditioner? Great for your hair, but not exactly non-comodogenic. To cope with this, Dr.  Kidd advises that you wash and condition you hair first, clip it up, do whatever else you need to do, and rinse off your body super well before you get out of the shower.

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Wearing Yoga Pants

Unfortunately, the second-best kind of pants, yoga pants (the first being, of course, the pair of sweatpants you got in middle school and have washed just enough to reach optimum softness) are a major cause of butt acne. This is because they're super tight-fitting and, as a result, collect any sweat that might happen down there, which clogs your pores. Ergo, buttne. So, not to be a purist, but just try to only wear yoga pants when, you know, you're doing yoga.

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Wearing Thong Underwear

Another cause of buttne is thong underwear. This is for much of the same reasons as yoga pants--thongs are tight-fitting, cause friction, and are often made out of not-so-breathable material, like spandex. To deal with this, just try to only wear thongs when you absolutely must.

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Not Showering Enough

While most people don't actually need to shower once a day, if you've got body acne, you should try to shower every night before you go to sleep. This means that you won't be lying in a sluice of sweat, oil, and bacteria that you've been accumulating throughout the day which, unsurprisingly, can be a cause of body acne.

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Using A Loofah

If you've got back or chest acne, you probably feel like you just want to scrub it all off. Well, don't. Or, at least, don't use a loofah or washcloth to do so--not only a can those be extremely irritating for your skin, which is a cause of breakouts in and of itself, they collect all of the debris from your exfoliation. So, when you scrub with a loofah, you're basically just rubbing all of your old acne on your new acne. This, it probably won't surprise you to learn, is not exactly going to clear up your skin. Instead, go for an exfoliating body scrub with salicylic acid and make sure that you're only using your hands to wash. This will ensure that your skin stays irritation-free.

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Wearing Irritating Clothes

That shirt with the itchy tag isn't just annoying--it can also be a big cause of acne, since super-uncomfortable clothes can irritate your hair follicles and cause pimples. So, just be aware of your clothes. If it's too tight or itchy, it's probably not great for your skin. This is especially relevant when it comes to clothes that you work out in--if you're going to be sweating, try not to wear anything that rubs against you the wrong way or digs too deep into your skin.

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Not Changing Your Sheets Enough

Ugh. I know. Laundry is the worst and changing your sheets is the worst part of laundry. But switching them out is an integral part of keeping your body clear--when you sleep, sweat, oil, and dead skin cells flake off your body and get collected in your sheets, which means that not washing them is basically asking for body breakouts. You probably can't wash your sheets every day, but try to do it every other weeks or so (and make sure that whatever you're sleeping in is clean, too). Also, try to get lightweight cotton sheets rather than anything super-heavy, since that will help your skin breathe more.

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Is body acne something that you’ve struggled with? Did any of these causes surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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