17 Of The Funniest Mr. Krabs Memes You’ll Ever See

Mr. Krabs–he of the Krabby Patties and infamous money-grubbing tendencies–has recently become a very excellent meme. Of course, you probably already know this if you’ve spent any time whatsoever on the Internet over the past few weeks or so, because this meme is literally (not figuratively) impossible to avoid. But just in case you missed it along the way, this meme shows a picture of Mr. Krabs looking around in heady, palpable panic (Complex did some admirable digging and found that it’s from the season two episode “Patty Hype” ), accompanied by a caption that describes a human emotion that can go along with this panic.

This is good content, guys. Very, very good content. It’s so perfect, I think, because it’s something that everyone can relate to–even if you’ve somehow managed to get through your life without ever seeing a single episode of Spongebob Squarepants, this moment of befuddled alarm is so common, so engaging, that it’s impossible not to feel a ping of recognition when you see the picture and a pithy, relatable caption.  If there ever was a call to action to “smash that like button,” as they say, this is it. Anyway, as far as memes go, this one is truly dank and pure of heart. May we never abuse it by means of overuse, as we did poor Damn Daniel, for whom our sheer enthusiasm made too ubiquitous and ultimately destroyed. Check out the best Mr. Krabs memes that the net has to offer:

1. This, according to meme-curation site “Know Your Meme,” is the first example of the Mr. Krabs meme:


2. It’s exploded since then. Beautifully, beautifully so:


3. So relatable:


4. I mean:


5. This will happen at everyone on Twitter’s wedding, probably:




7. Mr. Krabs was present during last week’s #MemeHistory trend, too:


8. It works for everything:


9. Don’t cheat:


10. #ContouringProblems:



11. Oops?


12. UGHHH:


13. The worst:


14. Mr. Krabs would be pretty upset about this, if you think about it:


15. It doesn’t have to be just Mr. Krabs, though:


16. Ahem:



What do you think of this meme? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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