Quiz: How Should You Achieve Your Next Orgasm?

Movies and TV shows make it seem like the female orgasm is so easy to achieve – according to these fictional worlds, a girl can start having sex and orgasm just minutes later. Unfortunately, the key word there is “fictional:” most women have much more trouble achieving an orgasm than celebrities or porn stars might make it seem like. The worst part is that the more you think about it and want it to happen, the more it’s less likely to happen. It sometimes gets to the point where you feel like it’s hopeless, and you literally have no idea how to have an orgasm. Isn’t this supposed to be more simple?!


The good news: once you figure out what works for your body, the possibilities for having an orgasm can be almost endless. The Big O can be found after oral sex, from masturbating, from using a sex toy, or even from penetration. So, how are you going to get there next? We’ve done a little bit of extremely *scientific* research for you (by this we mean we wrote this quiz). Answer a few questions, and you’ll learn how you can have your next orgasm. You’re welcome!

Which is your favorite way to achieve an orgasm? Was it included in the quiz? Tell us in the comments below!

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