13 Fun Activities To Put On Your Spring Bucket List

Spring is right around the corner – no, really, the vernal equinox is on March 20, so the first official day of spring is getting closer and closer. Signs of spring’s imminent arrival have been popping up for a couple of weeks – warmer weather, sunlight past 5PM (thank you, Daylight Savings), girls wearing crop tops the second the temperature hits above 60 degrees… it’s safe to say the general excitement of #springfever is in the air. Get ready for the bombardment of green grass, new sunglasses, pastel manicures, and other spring-themed Instagrams you’re bound to see all over your feed.

You can have an incredible spring and still avoid being that basic Instagram user. Number one: yes, you should enjoy the grass, but you don’t have to photograph it for us. Second: make a bucket list of awesome springtime activities. Spring is the season to let out your inner child – it’s warm and sunny and there are flowers everywhere, and it’s easy to feel like you don’t have a care in the world. Want to go to the park and enjoy the swings? Do it! Bonus points if you set up a lemonade stand for a day – definitely Instagram that. Here are 13 perfect suggestions for the best spring bucket list ever. 

1. Go on a picnic.


Pack a basket with cheese and crackers, grab a plaid blanket, and head to the nearest (or farthest!) park. Don’t forget your sunglasses, and beware of ants. Dining al fresco is one of my favorite perks of warm weather, and a good ol’ DIY picnic takes me back to the tea parties I hosted for my stuffed animals as a child.


2. Visit a garden.

flowers swaing

It be your in your backyard, your neighbor’s backyard, or a local greenhouse, but take some time to appreciate the beauty of spring. Learn the names of a few flowers (hydrangeas are my favorite). Witness bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds flitting from one bloom to the next. If it’s allowed, pick a bouquet to brighten up your room, and hang dry the flowers to preserve a little bit of spring.


3. Better yet – do some gardening.


There’s a little bit of a green thumb in everyone. Gardening can be extremely soothing, not to mention rewarding when you literally see your hard work blossom and grow.


4. Shop at a farmer’s market.

farmer's market

Many cities host farmer’s markets on the weekends that are a treasure trove of food and homemade goods. Support local businesses by purchasing fresh vegetables, hand-squeezed juices, fresh doughnuts, and so much more. Many markets also have great gift items like handmade jewelry, candles, and intricate crafts. Strolling among the stalls is fun even if you’re not in the mood to spend money.


5. Go for a jog.

jogging zac efron

I know, I know – running sucks. But just try it. Grab a buddy, put on your Lululemons, and take off. Jogging outside is much better than being stuck on a treadmill, and you can explore your town from foot instead of inside a car. I won’t judge you if you reward yourself with a milkshake after you’re done.


6. Ride a bike.

bike riding squad goals

You don’t have to get everywhere by car. Bike riding can be exercise, but it can also be fun! Make sure to look both ways and wear a helmet.


7. Bust out the sidewalk chalk.


Remember how much fun sidewalk chalk used to be? You can draw pictures, create a hopscotch grid, or my personal favorite, lay on the ground and have your friend trace your outline, then color in a ridiculous outfit.


8. Run through a sprinkler.

sprinkler raccooon

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a sprinkler? Put on a bikini or get really wild and get wet in your clothes.


9. Buy a cone from the ice cream truck.

ice cream truck

Yes, the songs they play driving down the street are annoying and yes, the ice cream is overpriced and yes, people might look at you like you’re “too old” to be doing it. But that’s exactly why you should.


10. Start a new hobby.

reading tv in your head

Spring is a season of new beginnings, after all, so start a new pastime! If you start knitting now, you’ll be a pro at making hats and scarves by winter. Learn how to play guitar. Start painting. Turn off the TV and pick up a book!


11. Volunteer.

i volunteer

It doesn’t have to be as intense as the Hunger Games, but volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute your time to help others. Serve food at a soup kitchen, tutor elementary students, pick up litter at a local park, plant flowerbeds for those that can no longer do it themselves (knock #3 off the list, too!). Even if you just offer to help around the house more, a little extra consideration can go a long way.


12. Clean out your closet.

cleaning out closet

You know those sweaters that stayed folded all winter? Those boots that never saw snow? Get rid of them. If you didn’t wear them this fall or winter, you’re not going to wear them next fall or winter. Donate unnecessary clutter and make room for sundresses and ballet flats!


13. Plan a staycation.

crossraods singing

You don’t need a wild *~sPrInG bReAk~* experience to have a good season. You can take a vacation in your own hometown. Visit that cafe you’ve never been to, take a hike in the park, cruise downtown with your windows down and your music up, do a dessert tour down Main Street, visit your old elementary school playground. You can have more #Insta worthy moments in your city than you may think.

Which of these spring bucket list items do you want to check off? Let us know in the comments!


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