8 Text Messages Guys Have No Idea How To Respond To

There are a lot of great things about text messages: they’re convenient, they can be less awkward than phone conversations, and they’re fast. But even though we wouldn’t trade texting for anything, it can be so annoying sometimes. When the person you’re texting can’t hear your voice or see your face, it’s easy to get confused about what a text message really means and how to answer. Just like we get texts from guys that leave us clueless on what to text back, guys get text messages from us that they have no idea how to respond to. Except, instead of saying that, they’ll either say something lame back, not respond at all, or just act like everything’s normal. And if that’s the case, how are we supposed to know we’re sending something wrong?!


Me when I feel needy

I could write a book filled with text messages I’ve sent to guys in which they replied, “Whaaaaa?” I’ve even had to delete their numbers completely out of my phone because I know that I have no self control when it comes to texting. It’s my own form of self-intervention. Through the years, I’ve realized that the less I text guys, the more smoothly our relationship goes. If I need to communicate something important, I do it in person (even though that’s much harder to do). I’ve had to send a lot of embarrassing texts to get to this place in my life, though.

Here are some examples of texts girls send that leave guys scratching their heads:

Have you ever sent any texts like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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