7 Extremely Helpful Tips On How To Deal With Embarrassing Sex Moments

Embarrassing things happen during sex all the time. So while it might seem like the end of the world, it’s really not. Weird noises, smells, and bodily functions are par for the course – it’s how you handle the situation that can make it a small incident or something you wallow in with shame for years to come. Sure, it might be a fun story to share with your girlfriends over brunch, but is it really something you want to live through again? Probably not.


If your partner really freaks out over something that happens during sex, it’s likely that they lack maturity. They probably don’t have enough experience or confidence to realize that the awkward thing that happened when you two were naked together isn’t actually a big deal (and if they’re being a jerk about it, you can remind them of that). If the fact that you farted while doing it doggy style ruins the entire night for them, then you shouldn’t be with them anyways.

Still, that info isn’t exactly helpful when you can’t sleep at night because you’re so mortified. In order to accept these things, you have to learn how to deal with them. So what should you do after something embarrassing happens with bae? I’ve asked some real girls to share how they handle the times when sex goes wrong. Learn from them!

Laugh It Off

"Whenever something weird happens with my boyfriend during sex, we always laugh about it. It's just sex, after all. The other day I had a huge queef and my boyfriend and I just giggled about it for a second and kept going. We don't take ourselves too seriously." - Alex, 23

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Don't Take It Personally

"I recently hooked up with a guy who couldn't get it up. Hey, it happens. It's tempting as girls to take it personally, but I knew that it likely doesn't have anything to do with me. I told him it was fine, and we ended up cuddling until we fell asleep and had sex in the morning. If I had made it a bigger deal than it was, it would have turned into an embarrassing situation."- Shilpa, 26

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Just Ignore It

"Once I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob, and he farted. I don't even think he noticed because he was so into it. Instead of embarrassing him and ruining the moment, I just ignored it. I'd rather have a fun time than make him feel bad about something that happens to everyone. Maybe it was his way of complimenting my blowjob skills! Haha."- Kara, 19

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Redirect Your Partner

"I was hooking up with someone the other day who kept trying to finger me in a way that was really painful. Instead of saying, 'Ouch, what are you doing?!' I just said, 'It feels really good when you go slowly and gently.' There's a way to let them know what you're liking without letting all the wind out of the sails." - Michelle, 28

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Don't Make A Big Deal Out Of It

"One time I was having sex with my FWB, and I accidentally kneed him in the penis! He yelled out when it happened. I felt so bad and kept apologizing, but after the initial pain wore off he acted like it wasn't bad. I know that it hurt him, but him not being over-dramatic about it helped me feel less embarrassed. The incident didn't ruin the night." - Ashley, 20

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Suggest You Continue In The Shower

"So, this feels a little embarrassing to say, but my boyfriend and I were having anal sex, and let's just say things got messy. My bf could have freaked out, but instead he just jumped in the shower and suggested I join him. After washing off, we continued the sexy times in the bathroom. Crisis averted!"- Kayleen, 24

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Act Cool

"So, once I got my period during sex and didn't realize it until we were done. I looked at the sheets and said very cooly, "Well, looks like I got my period." I didn't act like it was crazy or gross so the guy didn't either. I turned on the shower for us, put on some different sheets, and never spoke about it again. If I had acted super embarrassed, I know that he would have thought it was a traumatic experience."- Farah, 20

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What’s something you’ve done in an embarrassing sexual situation? Let me know in the comments below!

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