14 Stereotypes About Women That Guys Are Guilty Of Doing More

This past week I stumbled upon an Ask Reddit thread I thought was pretty interesting. It asked users which stereotypes are usually believed about women that we see men play into so much more often. In other words, it was about things everyone acts like only women do that men do all the time. As soon as I started reading it, I realized it was true.

My example: I always hear guys talk about how mean women are to each other. Dudes are always going on about how girls are so rude to other girls they don’t know, and how girls form cliques and make other girls feel left out on purpose. Of course, this is sometimes true (as any stereotype is sometimes true), but what really bothers me about this is that men do that too, all the time. I grew up with a group of guy friends who are extremely close and the cliquiest, snobbiest people I know. Very few are allowed into their inner circle, and they clearly and obviously make everyone else feel left out. On top of that, I’ve watched an endless number of guys meet and immediately act rude to each other until they feel each other out. It’s not only women who do it! 

The point of this list isn’t to say “women are better and we don’t do any of these things and men do all of them, so HAH.” The point is to show that stereotypes are unfair and, for lack of a more eloquent word, stupid. These stereotypes that are unfairly attributed to women most of the time can also be very true for men – yet they don’t get flack for the same behavior they tease women for having. Some women may do these things, some don’t. Some men may do these things, some don’t. So… the stereotypes should just disappear, right?

If you’re still confused or not buying it, read on. Here are 14 stereotypes about girls that guys are guilty of doing too: 

Women Never Say How They Feel

MostlyALurkerBefore: The whole thing about women not saying why they're mad or upset. Almost every single guy I've dated or been close with has been guilty of this, and I don't know any women who do it.

I'm not sure where this stereotype came about, because for me, the exact opposite has always been true. I say what I feel all the time, perhaps too much, but I've yet to find a guy who will readily talk about his feelings this way... or at all. It's like pulling teeth!

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Women Are So Emotional

EllaShue: "Women are just so emotional." From what I've seen, men are every bit as emotional as women but don't always count their emotions as emotions. Anger, for instance -- that's not an emotional state to some men. No, they aren't acting emotional when they get cut off in traffic/told they can't have a refund/have to deal with someone they dislike/get rejected/pick a fight with someone at a bar/feel disrespected/encounter some minor frustration -- they're getting justifiably angry, which is not at all the same thing! Emotions are, like, crying and stuff; they're just standing up for themselves, which is different.

To some guys, men's emotions, when they acknowledge them at all, are seen as rational and normal and expected and therefore acceptable -- unlike women's. They're some kind of natural response to external stimuli, no different from squinting in bright light or holding your breath underwater. "Of course I'm pissed off! Did you see what that guy did?" "Of course I'm happy! Did you see that punt return?" "Of course I'm frustrated! She said no even though I bought her dinner!" To some men, it's like women's emotions are weather patterns -- unpredictable over time, uncontrollable, and caused by the beating of a butterfly's wings in Argentina, for all they know. Both men and women are equally emotional, equally prone to righteous anger or deep sorrow or pure joy, but for some reason, when women feel and express these things, they're a stereotype."

Ugh, this is honestly so true. Men think that emotions equals crying - not anger. They fail to realize that their anger is just as emotional as a woman's crying. We're all emotional because we're all humans! Let's stop acting like women are weird for feeling things!

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Women Are Too Needy

SirPancakeWafflesnug: 'Women are so needy'. Psh, the number of guys I've dated that requires constant ego stroking is greater than those that didn't. These men seemed to have taken the idea of 'women appreciate a man that expresses his feelings' to mean 'I'll tell you about all the things you do that are normal and get extremely butthurt about it because of my hangupss and act like a turd. And those are my feelings and you need to make them feel better.'

I've seen plenty of very needy girlfriends out there, but I have seen just as many needy boyfriends. Let's stop acting like this is something only women can do.

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Women Gossip Too Much

sehrah: Backstabbing. This is so often presented as a female-only phenomenon. "Women are so catty!" "Women always talk behind each others backs!" But for reals my group of male friends love to say bad things about other guys not present.

I can't tell you how many times I've had this discussion with other women. Guys are always going on about how catty and gossipy women are - but they are often just as catty and gossipy! I know so many dudes who talk about their friends and have stupid, pointless fights with them. It's not just women.

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Women Are Too Jealous

Sleepykat666: That women are super jealous, in my experience men are MUCH more jealous more often.

Yes, sometimes women are super jealous. But I can't tell you how many guys I've met who are also super jealous - and, in fact, sometimes act more violent and wild because of that jealousy than women do.

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Women Get Mad When Guys Can't Read Their Minds

firefawkes23: Not communicate their needs, and then get mad when those needs aren't met. This is definitely something I've seen more men do, personally, than women. This makes sense to me, because I don't think we do a good job of teaching boys how to process and discuss their emotions in a healthy way. I just don't know why the stereotype then gets applied to women!

To be fair, I have seen a lot of women do this thing where they think they're being obvious when they're not, and then they feel confused when guys don't pick up on it. But, also to be fair, I have seen plenty of dudes do the same thing. Communication issues are for everyone.

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Women Are So Crazy When It Comes To Dating

foxesmateforlife: Acting "crazy" when it comes to dating. Most of the girls I know have countless stories of guys acting stupid or straight up crazy while dating them. For example, my friend was on her second date with a guy from bumble when he invited her to a cottage weekend with his buddies.

Yes! I hate how men act like girls are the only ones who can act crazy - plenty of them do it too!

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Women Are Bad Drivers

QuothTheRaven420: "Oh my God! Women CANNOT drive," he says, as he cuts off another driver at 20mph over the speed limit, then tailgates the person in front of him. "It's just biological, you know? They can't help it, like especially blonde women, haha!" Cuts across three lanes of traffic without signaling or checking, answers phone, proceeds to tailgate another driver. "Hello? No, I can talk. Just stuck behind this idiot who can't drive. I bet it's a woman."

UGH YES THANK YOU I AM SO HAPPY SOMEONE SAID THIS. Women get a bad rep for being bad drivers, but I can't tell you how many times I've gotten in a car with a dude and left feeling scared for my life. Being a good driver isn't about what your gender is - being bad at it isn't either.

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Women Don't Know What They Want

Redhaired103: "Women don't know what they want." A relationship of mine kept going like on his part "I want a relationship and marry you.", "I want things to be just casual.", "I want a relationship but take it slow.", "I want to be just friends with benefits.", "I think we should not see each other.", "I miss you." Nothing on my side changed. And it wasn't the only experience I had like that personally, or around me.

Where did this come from?! I'm constantly seeing the opposite: women who know what they want, and men who are saying they have no idea what they want. Redhaired103: "Women don't know what they want." A relationship of mine kept going like on his part "I want a relationship and marry you.", "I want things to be just casual.", "I want a relationship but take it slow.", "I want to be just friends with benefits.", "I think we should not see each other.", "I miss you." Nothing on my side changed. And it wasn't the only experience I had like that personally, or around me.

Women Are Bad With Money

planet_smasher: There is a stereotype that women can't manage money at all and spend recklessly, but I've known so many men who have terrible credit, won't save money, and just generally make poor decisions. Lousy financial management is a thing amongst both genders.

Some people are great with saving and managing money, others are not. It doesn't matter what your gender is. I think this stereotype probably came about when the "women love shopping" stereotype came about. But I know plenty of dudes who can't save for their life and spend all their money on stupid things. I know plenty of girls who are great with money. And vice versa!

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Women Are Weak And Grossed Out By Everything

saraithegeek: That women are more prone to being squeamish. In like 5 years of drawing blood the only time I had a woman faint on me during a blood draw she was getting a morphine shot in her neck at the same time. Whereas I have seen men pass out just watching someone else get drawn.

I've noticed that many men can't handle pain, and that my girl friends handle it much better than dudes do. So, I'm not sure why we're the ones who are so weak all the time, according to stereotypes.

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Women Care Too Much About How They Look

guerre-eclair: Vanity. When I go to the gym, dudes be checking themselves out in the mirrors all the time, ladies seem to mostly just be exercising. They also spend as much time/money on clothes and grooming as women do, from what I've seen.

Reality check: guys care about how they look too. Not every single out there, but you know what? Not every single woman out there cares about how they look either.

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Women Nag And Complain Too Much

bakedgoodslover: Easily, nagging. Whoever says "women complain a lot" should look at my Twitter feed and see how it's always men who complain about this and that every single day.

Please. I am so sick of hearing this. Guys do it just as often.

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Women Are So Snobby

howtofindhappy: Men are madddd shallow but this is almost exclusively attributed to women.

Please. I've met so many shallow dudes that I can't keep track.

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  • Marissa Ricci

    This is right on the money. I don’t even have that much to add, save for the fact that I totally agree that it’s frustrating to have such stereotypes thrown at me when it’s not exclusively my gender. Believe me, I’ve been there.