23 Of The Best “Get You A Man Who Can Do Both” Memes You’ll Ever See

Objectively speaking, 2016 has not been too great for many of us. Despite only being about a quarter of the way through the year, it seems that Benjamin Franklin’s famous aphorism, “everything happens so much,”  (okay, fine, Horse eBooks said that, WHATEVER) has never felt more apt. There was that Oregon Militant situation. That…thing that appeared on Ted Cruz’s lip during a Republican debate and caused a collective shudder of mutual disgust among everyone on the Internet. Plus, you know, the entire 2016 election as a whole? Not great, Bob.

But with every morale-sapping moment that has come out of this cesspool of a year, it is comforting to know that we may find some solace in memes. For while the year has been pretty dismal, the memes, at least, have been excellent. There’s Damn Daniel. If Young Metro don’t trust you. I’m you, but stronger. Another excellent meme? Get you a man who can do both.

This meme is very simple–it basically just juxtaposes two photos of a celebrity or fictional character, one in which they are “fancy” and one in which they are “keeping it casual,” and posits that they do both very, very well. It is often accompanied by soothing photos of Drake, Harry Styles, and Guy Fieri. Does it make up for the fact that your childhood fave, Aaron Carter, just destroyed any last vestige of pleasant nostalgia you had for the song “Aaron’s Party” by endorsing the reanimated  Flamin’ Hot Cheeeto who goes by the name of Donald Trump for president? Not really–not at all, actually–but it’s okay. It doesn’t have to. All you have to do is check out the very best of the “get you a man who can do both” meme:

1. Here is the first known example of “get you a man who can do both,” ft. Drake:


2. The original begat some…inspired interpretations:


3. Ahem:


4. This meme isn’t afraid to get political:


5. Okay, that’s enough:


6. We must end this Harry Styles “Frog Prince” SLANDER:


7. Gorgeous:


8. Well, here’s Guy Fieri again:


9. When he invites you to Toad Hall >>>>>>


10. Ugh, yes:


11. May this Leo meme never end:


12. Welp:

A photo posted by thefatjewish (@thefatjewish) on


13. Sure, why not:


14. YUP:



15. Uh huh, honey:



16. Perhaps this horse has been the man of your dreams all along:


17. Or maybe it’s Spongebob:


18. Or Troy “Breakin’ Free” Bolton:


19. Why?


20. Yaaaaasss:


21. Yaaaaasss pt. II:


22. This one is for all you “Zaddies” out there:


23. Goodbye:

What do you think of this meme? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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