12 Embarrassing Things Literally Everyone Does In High School

Growing up, going through puberty, and having all sorts of new experiences is so tough. To make things even worse, you have to do all of that while you’re crammed into a school full of peers going through the same thing. The hormones, emotions, and general craziness are bouncing off of each other all day long – things are bound to get weird. Things are happening to your bodies and minds that you feel like you can’t control, and that leads to a whole bunch of embarrassing situations that contribute to making high school incredibly awkward.

Here’s the good thing about super embarrassing occurrences, though: they happen to everyone. Even the coolest guy in the world (i.e. Harry Styles) has his fair share of “I hope no one saw that” moments. NO ONE IS SAFE. Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to accept her Oscar – if she can come back from that, you can recover from walking around with a period stain on your pants. Trust me.

As a highly self-conscious person, I was acutely aware of all the embarrassing things happening to me in high school. I didn’t yet have the confidence, body awareness, or emotional stability to play it cool. I found it really hard to handle my period (my flow was unmanageably heavy) and to keep on top of all the new hygiene regimens I was expected to perform as a pubescent girl. Still, I got through it and can now look back and laugh. Knowing that these things happen to everyone can help you shake it off and learn to laugh at yourself, too. Here are some embarrassing things literally everyone does in high school:


1. Bleeding through your pants.


You’re still getting used to being visited by Aunt Flo every month and it’s hard to get to the bathroom in between classes. It’s likely you’ll have an embarrassing spot or two. By the time people are done laughing about your situation, someone else will become victim, so… don’t feel too bad?


2. Getting caught sleeping in class. 


You have to get up so early for school everyday – it’s inevitable that you snooze off at least once. Try to brush off the embarrassing lecture.


3. Farting in class.


You totally thought that was going to be a SILENT fart, but the sounded echoed through the classroom like a bomb being dropped. Guess you’re transferring schools…


4. Getting a pimple and listening to someone say, “You have something on your face.”


That “something” is a giant zit that you have tried and failed to disguise with layers of makeup.


5. Dropping your pads on the floor in front of a group of dudes. 


This one shouldn’t be embarrassing, but if you drop your “lady supplies” and someone immature sees them, it can be pretty horrifying. Tampons are bad enough, but pads are a whole other level of cringe.


6. Realizing your crush has found out that you like them.


Whether you’ve doodled your crush’s name in your notebook and they see it, your friends spill the beans, or your crush overhears you talking about them, this situation is always embarrassing. (Once my crush borrowed my notes and saw a giant portrait I had drawn of him. #KillMe)


7. Answering a question wrong in class with lots of confidence.


You answered the question with such bravado that it was embarrassing to find out you were way off. Hey, at least you tried.


8. Trying out an unflattering makeup trend.


Strange lipstick colors, super-intense winged liners, wrong-colored foundation… high school is the time you’ll try it all to varying degrees of success.


9. Tripping. In front of everyone.


Your body is growing- you’re going to trip and it will be in front of other people and it will be mortifying!  (Oh, well.)


10. Not being allowed to do the one cool thing literally EVERYONE else is allowed to do. 


Your parents have raised you, they’re probably paying for your stuff, and they really care about you… but they also won’t let you go to the biggest party of the year. Embarrassing AND infuriating.


11. Acting overly dramatic about something small and making a scene. 


Blame it on the hormones.


12. Fangirling.


You’re obsessed with this band/singer/actor and you want the world to know about it. You have no chill.

How many of these embarrassing things have you done? Let me know in the comments below!

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