15 Tweets That Describe Your Life When You Act Like You’re More Confident Than You Are

Who among us hasn’t, on at least on occasion, acted more confident than they actually are? This act, commonly referred to as “stunting”–defined by Urban Dictionary as “a word used to describe a person who is showing off or trying to get attention by performing an elaborate act or stunt and being someone they aren’t”–may very well be the encapsulation of the human condition as a whole. We pad our resumes. We walk into auditions and sports tryouts like we know what we’re doing when you really feel like you’re going to puke if someone looks at you the wrong way. We painstakingly curate Internet personas that insinuate that we DGAF, when really, IRL, we actually GAF.

You know who gets that? Twitter. Or, rather, the people on Twitter really get it–it seems that everyone there spends their days acting more confident than they are/ stunting (badly, in many cases), just so they can make some jokes about it on Twitter later on. Fortunately, a lot of these jokes really are funny, so, check out these hilarious tweets that describe your life when you act like you’re more confident than you actually are:

1. See, everyone like to tell you this–act like you’re confident and you will be confident:


2. “Fake it till you make it,” Anna from Frozen said:


3. So, you do your best:


4. You act as confident as you can, given your circumstances:


5. You embrace your personality:


6. You act as though you have the strength to let everyone know your strengths at all times:


7. But somehow it…doesn’t work:


8. You try to jazz yourself up writing important emails and it blows up in your face:


9. Your pickup lines don’t really “stick:”


10. Like, at all:


11. Not even a little bit:


12. Meaning that your dating life is…bleak:


13. You have to admit that this is your “aesthetic:”


14. And acknowledge that no matter how great any of our selfies are, we’re still all gonna die, so:


15. Because when you try to be yourself and not care what other people think of you, it doesn’t go so well:

What do you think of these tweets? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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