11 Clothes And Accessories That Will Piss Off The Donald Trump Supporter In Your Life

I’m a politics junkie and have been for as long as I can remember, but in all my years of being a sentient person on this messy planet of ours, I’ve never witnessed a presidential race quite like what we’re seeing this year. In years past, candidates saying that they have “binders full of women” or that bitter Americans “cling to guns or religion” was the height of controversy. Hell, back in 2004, a presidential candidate was pummeled after he enthusiastically shouted out the names of the states he hoped to win. Yes, I’m completely serious, and to this day I’m floored that that was all it took to derail a political campaign. Now? Well, now if you’re Donald Trump you can say whatever the hell you want without negative repercussions, including calling Mexican immigrants rapists, suggesting that a female Fox News journalist was on her period, and referencing his penis in a debate aired on national television.

dear white people ugh

There no point in hiding it: I’m not a Trump fan, whatsoever. He encourages too much violent rhetoric and I think he would be an awful, embarrassing president. But people like him because he doesn’t represent the political status quo and says what people want to hear; he stokes a fire in his supporters that’s absolutely unparalleled. People like his “tells it like it is” attitude so much that they ignore his glaring flaws. Im going to assume that you, the reader of this rant, probably knows at least one person–in your family, at your school, whatever–who is a massive Trump fan and really thinks he can “make America great again.” If you’re not a fan of Trump and would love to troll the hell out of the Trump supporters in your life, check out these 11 anti-Trump clothes and accessories that’ll do just that.


1. IDK Not Trump Tho 2016 Shirt

idk not trump tho 2016 shirt

I’m not crazy about any of the candidates, but if Trump gets the Republican nomination, that’s going to be my mindset when I’m in the voting booth.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $28.


2. Anti Trump Button

anti donald trump button pin

Whether you’re into DIY jackets or you just want to liven up your outfit, throw on this anti-Trump pin and make some new friends…or enemies.

Buy it at Etsy for $5.50.


3. Bernie Is Bae Shirt

bernie is bae shirt

This top is perfect for those of you who reply to Bernie Sanders’ tweets with “DADDY.”  If that doesn’t describe you, at least wear it to piss off your Trump supporting parent/sibling/classmate/crotchety neighbor.

Buy it at Nylon for $28.


4. Make Donald Drumpf Again

make donald drumpf again

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s “Make Donald Drumpf Again” video, then please watch it right now so this hat actually makes sense to you. Also, just watch it because it’s brilliant and hilarious.

Buy it at HBO for $17.50.


5. Marc Jacobs Hillary Tee

marc jacobs hillary clinton shirt

This shirt has been seen on everyone from Anna Wintour to Kendall Jenner. If you’re rooting for Hillary in this race, that’s already enough to piss off a Trump stan (and, well, others, but that’s another discussion for another time).

Buy it at Hillary Clinton’s official campaign website for $45.


6. #DumpTrump Yoga Pants

marco rubio dump trump yoga pants


After one of the Republican debates veered off into a discussion about hand and penis sizes, yoga decided to become a topic of discussion. While Trump was frothing at the mouth, Senator Ted Cruz told Trump,”I know it’s hard not to interrupt. Breathe, breathe, breathe. You can do it, breathe, I know it’s hard, I know it’s hard.” In response, Senator Marco Rubio–another presidentail hopeful, brought on the snark and said, “When they’re done with the yoga, can I answer a question? I really hope that we don’t see yoga on this stage.” I’m no Rubio fan, but even I’ll admit that that was pretty funny. People tweeting about the debate on social media agreed, and it was such a popular line from the night that the Rubio campaign decided to sell yoga pants that said “#DumpTrump.”

Clever, right? Unfortunately, it was all a gag. The pants weren’t real! It was just a ploy to get campaign donations. Ah well…


7. Donald Trump Cloth Menstrual Pad

donald trump cloth menstrual pads

What better way to say eff you to Donald Trump’s awful views on women…than by getting menstrual blood all over his face? If you’re into reusable pads, definitely check this out. And even if you’re not, you have to admit that this is just brilliant.

Buy it at Etsy for $8.


8. Vote For Bernie Shirt.

vote for bernie shirt

You could just keep it simple and rock this “Vote For Bernie” top. Just get ready to have somebody yell at you about socialism or something.


9. Blah Blah Blah Trump Tee

anti donald trump shirt

I mean, that’s what it sounds like whenever he talks, right? BLAH BLAH BLAH MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BLAH BLAH BLAH IT’S GONNA BE HUGE BLAH BLAH BLAH BUILD A WALL BLAH BLAH BLAH BRING BACK WATER BOARDING. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

Buy it at Etsy for $19.99.


10. Illma Gore’s “Make America Great Again” Trump Micropenis Art

donald trump micropenis art illma gore

An artist by the name of Illma Gore has been making waves lately after their painting of Donald Trump–sporting a micropenis–went viral. We cropped off the peen, but you can get a good look at it on their site. You might not be able to wear this, but you can buy a high quality print of it or print out a free version of it.

Download/buy at Illma Gore.


11. Moving To Canada Shirt

moving to canada bye election shirt

If Trump does become our Supreme Leader–er, I mean, president–then you have a couple of options: Stick around and hate his guts, or move to Canada and hate his guts up there with a nice plate of poutine. The choice is yours.

Buy it at Nylon for $22.50.


What’s your take on Trump? Would you actually rock any of these things? Tell us in the comments!

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