The 15 Biggest Spring 2016 Hair Trends You Have To Know About

When it comes to our beauty routine, we should all be open to shaking things up once in a while – and what better time for that than the spring season, when everyone’s favorite phrase is, “In with the old and out with the new?” With all of the spring 2016 beauty trends fresh from the runways, there’s no shortage of inspiration for something new and exciting. Try some of the new makeup looks, but don’t forget about your hair. There are so many awesome and surprisingly easy hair trends this year that you really have no excuses not to do something.

What hairstyles we expect to see all over Instagram and fashion magazines this spring? As usual, some old trends are coming back (hello bangs, it’s not that nice to see you again, but okay), and some newer ones are taking hold (rope braids will be your new favorite thing). Say goodbye to 2015’s trendy half-up bun (or, if not goodbye, at least “let’s take a break”) and say hello to a fresh start. Here are the 15 biggest spring hair trends every girl should know about:

Rope Braids and Twists

One of the most popular styles on the spring 2016 runways was this twisted braid, also known as a rope braid. Twists were everywhere, but especially in this form. The good news is that rope braids are super easy to create (here's an easy tutorial if you want) and they're perfect for the days when you need to wash your hair but don't feel like doing it. Do a low twist braid or a higher one - you can't go wrong with either option.

Source: Instagram

Messy Updos

When it comes to hair, spring 2016 is all about effortless styles that look a little messy and rumpled. Updos were no exception. The runways showed off tons of messy updos, from loose, elegant chignons to bedhead ponytails and buns accented with little braids. I took this photo backstage of the Alice and Olivia presentation, and it was probably my favorite Fashion Week hair I've ever seen.

Source: Instagram

Hair Accessories Of All Kinds

This photo from the Dolce & Gabbana show might be a little dramatic, but hair accessories really were all over the spring runways. You couldn't get away from them! From embellished barrettes and bobby pins to flowers tucked into braids to tiny hair jewels to headbands and little crowns, there's something for everyone. After a few seasons without hair accessories, I think it's kind of fun that they're coming back in such a big way. You can easily use a jeweled pin to spice up any kind of hairstyle you're wearing.

Source: Instagram

Hair Ribbons

One hair accessory that was especially popular was a ribbon. For most shows, this super feminine accessory was seen tied around the base of low ponytails, the ends flowing down to the tips of the hair. A ribbon is such an easy way to make a low ponytail more interesting. And of course, you can also use them for higher ponytails.

Source: Instagram

Low Ponytails

Speaking of low ponytails, this was another huge trend seen all over Fashion Month for spring. Done both perfectly in place and imperfectly messy, the low ponytail is going to be something you'll see everywhere this season. You can keep it simple with something loose and casual, you can get a little more on trend by wrapping hair around the base, or you can try spicing it up with a metal accent.

Source: Instagram

Shaggy Bangs

Bangs are back, again. They come in and out of style what seems like every season, but for now, they seem to be sticking. This spring, bangs aren't perfectly cut across or shifting to one side - they're shaggy and messy. The most popular look seemed to be shaggy short bangs, but longer fringe like this photo was also spotted on tons of models. Get bangs cut straight across, but instead of a perfect line, have your hair stylist add a few light layers and a shaggy finish.

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Just as short bangs are trending this season, so is shorter hair in general. On the extreme side, the runways showed off lots of models strutting their stuff with closely cropped buzzcuts - think Amber Rose and peach fuzz. If you're looking to try something daring and bold, then this is definitely for you. If you want to try this, but you're terrified, you can do a side buzz so that all of your hair doesn't disappear.

Source: Instagram

Low Messy Buns

Goodbye, high messy buns; hello, low messy buns. Okay, to be honest, messy high buns will never go away. But this season introduced the low messy bun, which is a play on that low ponytail that is so popular. This style literally could not be easier and looks great on clean or dirty hair - it's very versatile. Some designers sent models down with their hair pulled only halfway through into a bun, which looks very cool and chic.

Source: Instagram

Embellished Parts

Remember glitter roots from this past fall and winter? Well, maybe they were trying to tell us something, because embellished parts are a *thing.* Whether you want to do a ridiculously cool braid like Kate Bosworth or you just want to put some pretty hair jewels down your part, there are tons of options. This is a unique look that will definitely get you lots of compliments.

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The Lob

Sorry, everyone is so sick of reading the words "The Lob" - the look is here to stay and isn't going anywhere. The ridiculously cool long bob that sits just past the shoulders and falls in easy waves was still on trend for spring. Anyone can do it, and as someone who's done it, I can tell you it really is that awesome.

Source: Instagram

Messy Braids

Like I said, effortless and loose styles are ruling this season - and the braid is no exception. Messy braids were super popular, whether they were tied into updos or on their own. Try a low messy braid like this one. You can make a braid messy even with clean hair - spray it with some texturizing spray, braid it, then pull at the braid until it becomes loose and some strands fall out. It's easy and perfect for warm days.

Source: Instagram

A Deep Side Part

Deep side parts were all over the place during Fashion Month, and to be honest, this makes me very happy. I don't love how my hair looks in a center part, and I'm constantly running my hands through it and giving myself a deep side part. This easy style is great because it instantly gives you a boost of volume - and it hides greasy roots.

Source: Instagram

Straight Hair

Victoria's Secret style waves have been incredibly popular for a long time now, so it's about time straight hair got some shine. The spring 2016 runways saw a lot of sleek blowouts. But while straight hair is in for spring, it shouldn't be stick straight so that it barely moves. Something a little more bedhead-y is a better option.

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Tucked In Hair

Designers used high collars, choker necklaces, and scarves to show off this tucked in hair trend that was super popular. it's easy too - simply tuck your hair into a scarf, collar or necklace (it's as if you wrapped a scarf around your neck and didn't pull your hair out from under it). It's a cool way to look trendy without having to do much.

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Loose, Messy Waves

As usual, loose, messy waves are very popular for spring. Is there a time when they aren't very popular? I don't think so. Achieve this look with beach spray, or simply wrap sections of hair around a curling iron and then run your fingers through the curls to make them more undone.

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Which of these spring 2016 hair trends is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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