15 Annoying Photos You’ll See On Everyone’s Instagram This Spring

Though the first official day of spring (the vernal equinox, if we’re feeling fancy) isn’t until March 20, the weather has been behaving very spring-like in many locales, especially New York. The sun is shining, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and spring fever is contagious. Even though spring isn’t perfect, it has a lot to offer. The weather is warmer, nature shows off its colors, and baby animals are born. There are tons of new fashion and beauty trends to try, and lots of organizing to get done. What’s not to love?

Another great thing about spring is that it’s such a picturesque season… and, not surprisingly, everyone on Instagram can’t wait to show it. Much like you can’t escape photos of pumpkin spice lattes and riding boots in the fall, spring has its own bevy of basic social media cliches. Be prepared to see multitudes of each of these pics on your feed this season, along with the caption “Spring has sprung!” and #springfever hashtag. You know what? Spring is springing. Let’s celebrate!

1. Grass!

Spring is here and is about to go!!!! #pinkflowers #lavendershoes #mothernature #greengrass #spring2016

A photo posted by Anjali Xalxo (@anjali_xalxo) on

Every year, we all seem to forget what grass looks like. As soon as the snow melts and the dreary winter ground starts regaining its spring green hue, photos of it pop up everywhere.


2. The Weather App Screenshot

The first day it’s warm enough to be considered spring weather clearly needs to be commemorated. While this temperature varies across the country, there seems to be a barometer in every region for what qualifies as “spring weather,” even if it’s one freakishly warm day and then back to chilly for a couple more weeks.


3. New Shades #LOTD

The promise of sunny days to come is enough to inspire the purchase of new sunglasses. And did you really buy them if you don’t show them off on social media? Catch some rays, snap a selfie, and use the sunglasses emoji in your caption!


4. The Jean Jacket #OOTD

Denim isn’t just for pants. Whether your style is distressed, retro, modern, colored, or classic, this wardrobe staple will be featured on everyone’s profile.


5. The “No Tights!” #OOTD

#notights and #internationalwomensday #springiscoming #womeninbusiness #dcdivas @susanabbotthaigh @alexandria_alberto

A photo posted by Wanderlust German At Heart (@thecherman) on

No one is more happy for the season of bare legs than I am, and I agree wholeheartedly that this is something to celebrate. The first day it’s warm enough to leave the house without tights under a skirt or dress is practically the definition of “freedom.” But have my legs always been this pale?


6. Pretty in Pastels

Spring themed nails #PrettyPastels #NoFilter #GelPolish

A photo posted by Amywest (@amywest87) on

This could be any number of things—a seasonally appropriate mani/pedi, new clothes, flowers blooming, lipstick shades, Easter candy—as soon as spring arrives, anything pastel is Insta-worthy.


7. The First Flower of Spring

First flower I saw for the year! #sagebrushbuttercup #firstflower #naturechallenge #nature #montana #livinglife

A photo posted by CNelson (@unlovedpillow) on

This seasonal milestone must be captured! Yes, dandelions count.



Laguna, we you. #SpringBreak2016

A photo posted by M e g a n (@fullertonmegan) on

Hell yes—no school, no homework, no rules. (Okay, there might still be rules.) Whether this is a photo of you and your friends on the beach or your cat cuddled next to your iPad watching Netflix with you, your #springbreak2016 activities are not going undocumented.


9. Lounging On the Grass

It doesn’t matter if it’s itchy and there’s a troop of ants building a home nearby, you’re going to lay on the grass for as long as it takes to get a cute photo. Being outdoorsy is fun!


10. Let’s Go On a Picnic!

Enjoying the sunshine with these lovelies #holidays #springpicnic #sodonewithexams

A photo posted by Ishita Mattoo (@ishitamattoo) on

The only thing more Insta-perfect than lounging on the grass in spring is eating on the grass in spring. A picnic is such a classic activity, who doesn’t love to pack a basket with cheese and crackers and head to the nearest park? Bonus points for a plaid blanket on the ground.


11. The “April Showers Bring May Flowers” Photo

Whether this is a pic of dancing in the rain, cute rain boots, flowers blooming, or a double rainbow, this caption is bound to grace your feed this season.


12. The Artsy Iced Coffee

When it's been raining for a month and the sun comes out for ten minutes. #IcedCoffee

A photo posted by Starbucks Coffee (@starbucks) on

A staple for every caffeine fan, drinking iced coffee represents the next season that’s right around the corner: summer. And who can resist that swirling milk?


13. Prom Dress Shopping

Yes when you already got your prom dress but you go try on more anyways. #promshopping @iseeuclearasday @poetic.maven

A photo posted by AurielleFelix™ (@infinitelarose) on

You don’t want anyone to know what your actual dress looks like before the big night, but you can bet everyone will share photos of the shopping process. Those dressing room selfies have never been fancier.


14. Prom!

Whether you’re attending the dance with your high school sweetheart, your best friend, or as an independent woman, you’ll want to capture moments of your big night—and share them with all of your followers. Get the classic “prom pose” pics, the silly group shots, the barefoot-on-the-dance-floor photo, and the close up of your hairdo. You look beautiful.


15. #SpringFever

Hollaaaa #springfever #springcomesoon #flowers #springiscoming

A photo posted by Amanda Henry (@lilhenry76) on

While this concept may not be embodied in any one particular photo, this hashtag will be used on any and every photo that relates to the season.

Which of these cliche spring photos is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Brenda C.

    Prom photos aren’t annoying. It’s not like you’ll see the same people in them every year. It’s a once or twice in a lifetime event!