Quiz: Which Spring Fashion Trend Should You Try?

After a long winter, we can finally say that spring is almost here. As the weather changes, so do the styles. Bulky outwear, knit sweaters, and gloves are going back in the closet for the next few months, and t-shirts, dresses, and sandals will be replacing them – as well as a bunch of new clothes. There’s just something about the new season that makes us all want a new wardrobe, and with all of the awesome new spring fashion trends out there, it’s hard to keep yourself from going shopping.


Figuring out which spring trend works with your *~*aesthetic*~* can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a fashion newbie or if you aren’t sure which trends are actually going to stick around. At this point in time, you’re probably wondering which spring fashion trends you should try and how to wear them with the clothes you already have. Don’t be intimidated by the runway styles – there are ways to make them work for you! To find out which spring fashion trend is best for you, start by taking this quiz!

Which result did you get? Did you like your answer and would you try out that new trend? Tell us in the comments below!

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