10 Things To Know About Our New Intern, Fabiana Buontempo

Hey gurl hey! I’m Fabiana and I’m the newest intern here at Gurl. I’m beyond excited to be writing for you guys. But first things first, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m 22-years-old and I just graduated early from Monmouth University. I grew up in and currently live in New Jersey, but New York has always been my second home and nothing beats working here!


I talk and walk fast so I guess NYC is a good fit for me, right? Okay. So now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get to the interesting stuff.

1. I’m extremely tall and have been the same height since 9th grade. 5’9” is not NBA status, but anyone I come across – grandmas, supermarket cashiers, teachers – comments on my height. I stopped growing at the start of high school, so think about how fun it was to pose next to my prom date junior year! My brother tried to put me on TLC’S My Giant Life to prove to me there’s other tall girls out there … is he kidding? Just Google it and you’ll understand my pain.

2. I danced my whole life and got my 10 seconds of fame on a TV show. Search Rockette Summer Intensive and you’ll see my obnoxiously smiling face pop up on your computer screen. Yup, I was featured in three episodes of this cable TV show. Kardashians, eat your heart out.


3. On that note, I admittedly love the Kardashian family. Or Kardashies, as I like to nickname them. I get a lot of hate for this fact about me, but to sum up my reasoning: their show is entertaining, the girls’ makeup/hair/style game is always on point. Have you seen Penelope? She’s my favorite family member. End of rant.


4. Continuing with the dancing, you can hire me to clap on beat with you at your next event. Before you get any dirty thoughts, my title on the weekends is a Party Motivator. I’m the dancer you see at Sweet 16s dressed in all black who has to awkwardly dance with the guests. I have to pump up the jam and get the people going, you know? I’ve been doing the job for almost six years and it’s actually incredibly fun and I made best friends working there, so it has its perks.

5. If I was stuck on a deserted island, all I would need is…Coffee and peanut butter! I can’t go a day without these two loves of my life. I think I once went a week without coffee to see if I could do it, but I can’t remember if it was that long. That was a dark time in my life because learned I could never give it up again. Peanut butter = life.

6. I love to read. Reading has to be one of my favorite hobbies. The thing is, I get about 85 percent through the book and, for some reason, I just don’t finish it. It’s not that the book is boring or bad, I just tend to leave all these books unfinished. Contrary to that, I was reading my book on the bus this morning and it stated that most Americans only read about five books cover to cover in their lifetimes. New goal for myself.

7. The amount of nicknames I have is cray cray. Fabs, Fabster (my favorite), Fab, Fabby, Fabs-a-milliani, Fabio, and the list goes on. Not only my friends, but strangers for some reason just love shortening my name. If I’ve only known you for two minutes, we’re not on that nickname level yet.

8. Until college, I only knew school life in a uniform. I went to private school up until high school, so come college I didn’t know how to dress for school. Being in a school uniform for all those years was the best/worst thing. I loved never having to put effort into what I wore, yet when I finally had to- it was torture!


9. I would go naked if I could spend all my money on makeup. Seriously! I’m a makeup hoarder/junkie and I’m constantly obsessing over the latest beauty product. My family says I have a mini drug store in my sink cabinet because of all the hair/beauty products I have. I could easily waste a few hours watching makeup tutorials on Youtube.

10. I think I’m a pro baker. I love to bake and I think really highly of myself as a baker… until I watch Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship. Have you seen what those kids can bake? They’re whipping up macaroons and souffles while I’m over here making oatmeal raisin cookies. Those kids really know how to make you feel like some baking amateur.

That just about sums it up for me. Come say hi on Twitter and Instagram or in the comments below, I love making new friends!

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