7 Things You Have To Do If You Get A Condom Stuck Inside Of You

The most unfortunate thing about sex is this: you might be acting as responsible as you can be, using protection and being super careful, and something bad can still happen. If you’re using condoms, this possibility is even more real. As we should all remember, condoms are only 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, which means there are some weird things that can happen to them during sex that make them ineffective. This includes the condom breaking, the condom sliding off the penis, or the worst thing: a condom getting stuck inside your vagina.

I’ll never forget when a close friend told me about the time a condom got stuck inside of her, then her boyfriend removed it without her even knowing it happened. And my friend isn’t the only one who has experienced this. A post taken from our boards asks advice on what to do if a condom gets stuck inside you: Kirsteeeeen: Okay this is grim, but basically I had sex on Friday when I was really drunk and then on Sunday morning I went to the toilet and I felt something fall out of me and it was a condom. I think he had cum in it but I’m not sure. Chance of my being pregnant is now quite possible?


If you’ve ever experienced something similar, you know this can be seriously scary and stressful.  Tons of questions pop into your head, and before you know it, you’re panicking, thinking everything is wrong with you. To avoid these freak outs, you must read on for the seven things you have to do if you get a condom stuck inside of you:

Have you ever experienced getting a condom stuck? Do you know any helpful tactics? Tell us in the comments below!

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