15 Things No One Tells You About Anal Sex

Let’s be real: the thought of anal sex totally freaks out some girls. I feel that, because when thinking about sexy time, the last thought in my mind is having something shoved into my butt. That was kind of blunt, but it’s true. I don’t know why some dudes are obsessed with anal sex, but most guys absolutely love it. If you’ve ever hooked up with anyone in a very intimate way, I’m sure the prospect of anal has come up at some point. Sometimes guys like to just “accidentally” stick their penis in the wrong hole and hope for the best. Um, no thanks. Nothing about that is okay.


Anal sex is typically viewed as a taboo sex act, because it’s not something more people feel comfortable talking about. While it may be taboo, that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions or thoughts about it! Dudes may be particularly into the thought of anal, but that doesn’t mean girls can’t be. There are plenty of women out there who love butt stuff during sex, and even swear by it for orgasms. So while you should never feel pressured to engage in anal sex just because your boyfriend or your crush desperately wants it to happen, you also shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting it yourself. If you’re wondering what it’s like to actually experience anal sex, read on to find out 15 things no one tells you about anal sex that you must know before trying it:

1. You’re still at risk for getting an STD. 


Just because your vagina is not engaging in this type of sex, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to contract STDs from anal sex if your partner is infected. According to WebMD, anal sex has a lot of health risks because the anus is full of nerve endings. Also, butts have a lot of bacteria, and even if your partner does not have an STD or STI (sexually transmitted infections), bacteria in the anus can infect the other partner. So, make sure to clean up a lot beforehand and always, always use a condom.


2. Adding to that, the answer is yes, you still need to use condoms.


Although the act of getting pregnant involves the guy’s semen going into a girl’s vagina, engaging in anal sex still puts you at risk of pregnancy. It’s a small risk, but it’s there. If you don’t use a condom during anal sex and the guy ejaculates near your privates, there is a risk of semen getting into your vaginal area. Like I already said, condoms also protect you from any infections that can be transmitted. When choosing condoms to wear, opt for a water based type so there’s some lube action going on.


3. No, your anus will not get stretched out.


This is a big misconception a lot of girls believe. They same way that our vaginas don’t get stretched out from too much sex, our anus will not get stretched out either. Your anus will learn how to relax during anal sex, but trust me, by no means will the hole literally stretch and enlarge.


4. You feel like you’re taking a poop, but backwards.


I’m going to get gross for a second: take a minute to think about the sensation of pooping on the toilet. It’s a force leaving our butt holes, correct? Now just think of that feeling, but the other way around. Picture a force being inserted into your butt hole. That’s kind of what the feeling of anal sex could be described as. Sounds fun, huh?


5. Your butt might be sore for a few days after.


Just like regular sex might cause your vagina to be a little sore afterwards, anal sex might cause your anus to be quite sore for a few days as well. Anything for the first time may hurt, so be prepared to experience a little uncomfortable-ness. Maybe try sitting on an ice pack? You should also take it slow during the act.


 6.  You should definitely go to the bathroom beforehand.


There’s a really popular myth that a girl usually poops in the middle of anal sex, which is a nightmare scenario terrifying enough to convince most women to stay away from the act forever. While this won’t always happen, the possibility is, in fact, real. It doesn’t hurt to go to the bathroom beforehand to make sure you’re, uh, all cleared out. It will also put you at ease and make you feel less stressed.


7. You should start slow. Please start slow! 


One of the most important things couples don’t realize when trying anal sex is that they have to start slowly. The thought of the penis being slowly inserted into your butt may not sound entirely appealing… I get it. But since the nerve endings are so sensitive in one’s butt hole, a penis cannot be forced into the hole during anal. No one wants to tear anything back there.


8. Foreplay is still important.


Never feel like foreplay is completely off the table when it comes to anal sex. You have to get into a sexy mood somehow, right? The normal kissing and touching is a good start ,and once you mustered up the courage, allow your partner to put a little lube on his finger and play around your butthole with his finger, which will allow you to relax before going all in. And if you hate the way it feels, you can make him stop!


9. You need to wipe away excess lube afterwards.


No one wants to get dressed after sex and awkwardly feel lube coming out of their butt. It just doesn’t seem pleasant. The same rule of going to the bathroom after sex to prevent urinary tact infections applies here. Since a great amount of lube will probably be used during your anal sex encounter, it’s not only gross to not wipe that away, but you are always setting yourself up for getting a UTI or a yeast infection because of all that moist-ness. No need for fancy wipes or cleansers. Simply wipe with toilet paper or better yet, take a shower.


10. The right sex positions are key.


When you think of anal sex, you probably automatically think of the doggie style position. While this may be the most popular way to do it, it’s not the only way. Many people recommend starting on your side for beginners, because it allows for a less stressful entry of the penis into the butt and may give you a little more control. It also allows you to feel closer to your partner physically, which may calm you down.


11. You can, and should, pleasure yourself during anal.


Your hands are totally free and so is your vagina. Why not pleasure yourself for extra stimulation during anal sex? Finding pleasure in other areas during anal will help you relax even more and not be so focused on what is going on with your backside.


12. Lube really is key.


Please do not attempt anal sex without lube. It is extra important during this sex act as your anus doesn’t get wet the way your vagina does when it’s aroused (that would be… interesting), so it helps ease the pain of something going in there.


13. Please never go from anal to vaginal sex.


This is a super important rule to remember because moving from anal to vaginal sex is the fastest way to get a vaginal infection. Aside from putting yourself at risk of vaginal infections, do you really want something that was just in your butt now in your vagina? Probably not. If you’re ready for a round of vaginal sex after anal, I suggest cleaning yourself first and definitely have your partner put on a new condom.


14. Some say anal is the best way to orgasm.


Some fans of anal sex swear it’s the best way for them to achieve an orgasm. It’s totally normal to get turned on and for you to enjoy engaging in anal . Hey, maybe anal sex might be your better option for consistently having an orgasm compared to vaginal sex!


15. It’s okay, it might take a few tries to get it right.


Just like your first time having vaginal sex might not be flowers and unicorns, first time anal sex might not be amazing either. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if your first anal experience wasn’t magical. Try it again and maybe change up the position or add something fun like a vibrator to pleasure yourself. Some people never adjust to it, and that’s fine, but others say it takes a few tries before they can get into it.


Have you tried any of these tips? Do you know anything else about anal sex that maybe we missed? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • moni00mf

    I don’t agree with the article. I love anal way more than vaginal. It’s so intimate and sweet and playful and it feels soooo good in every position – doggy style, spoon, missionary. We both love it when in doggy style I push him deeper with my legs until he comes. The first one or two times we were doing it with a condom, but later wanted it to be more natural, so it was without a condom. I was afraid for him getting an infection but we’ve been doing it for an year and everything’s just fine

  • Anastasia Cruz

    I tried it exactly as you described it, dont think I have ever had such a nind blowing orgasm, we both enjoyed it SO. Much.And i’ve remembered rhe awesome position for anal sex on camsloveaholics_com

  • Loly Martinez