The 16 Most Surprising Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfie

This week started off with a bang: we woke up Monday morning to see that Kim Kardashian-West had posted another naked selfie on Instagram – and obviously, the Internet and the media at large freaked out. The reactions were what we expected: Kardashian haters complaining about how the family seeks attention (while they were simultaneously giving them attention), Kardashian lovers saying “YASS KIM SLAY,” and celebrities “using their platforms” to give their opinions that no one asked for. It wouldn’t be a Kim selfie without a ton of controversy surrounding it, you know?

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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I don’t know what your thoughts were about the selfie, but my personal reaction was to literally not give the photo a second thought, because at this point, we have all seen Kim naked, and to be honest with you guys, I don’t care – if she wants to be naked on camera all the time, she can be. This isn’t a popular opinion. As usual, the majority of the people out there are attacking Kim for being naked and for showing off her body. Buzzfeed posted an article analyzing the photo to show us it’s actually a year old – they had to remind us that Kim’s post-baby body still doesn’t look this good, guys! Piers Morgan headed over to the Daily Mail to write a garbage article about how Kim is successful enough where she doesn’t need to post nudes anymore. In a weird twist of irony, it seems almost fitting that the slut-shaming is happening on International Women’s Day.

I’m so sick of seeing the media and the world at large sexualize women when they want to, but then when women sexualize themselves, it’s an issue. I’m also sick of seeing the Internet applaud male celebrities for being half-naked, but then acting appalled when a female celebrity is half-naked (and not on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue). Example: when shirtless photos of Zac Efron appeared online a few days ago, there was no negative backlash, only tweets about how hot he is. Find me a handful of tweets about how Zac needs to respect his body more, and I will pay you one thousand dollars.

I get that people don’t like Kim or the Kardashians as a whole, and anyone is entitled to that opinion! But I’m so over the cries of “Kim does nothing but get naked! Why is she famous?!” Kim does plenty of other things besides get naked. Of course she has made mistakes and is certainly not perfect, and I don’t applaud everything she’s done. But still: She’s an entrepreneur who has managed to make millions of dollars doing many, many things – so many, I don’t even want to do the research to create a list. This is a person who made millions of dollars in minutes off of an emoji app. That’s impressive! But those accomplishments mean nothing to most people, because Kim also has a habit of showing off her body. It doesn’t matter what she’s done professionally, it doesn’t matter how body positive she is, it doesn’t matter that she empowers other young women to feel good in their skin. Kim gets naked sometimes, and that makes all of that other stuff worthless.

On top of all of the slut-shaming is this: underneath all of the seemingly over-bearing confidence Kim has (because God forbid a woman feel good about herself!) is a decent amount of insecurity. You only have to glance through a few weeks of Kim’s Instagram account to find a #TBT photo the star has posted of herself in her “skinny days.”

Kim is more than aware of her body, and sometimes seems to obsess over the way her weight changes. She regularly reminds us of this in a way that is sad and almost makes you feel sorry for her. Despite being named one of the most beautiful women in the world all the time, Kim never seems to feel happy with her present self unless she has recently lost 20 pounds. Maybe her naked selfies, old or new, make her feel confident about herself, and who are we to judge that?

Regardless of how you feel, Kim isn’t sitting back and just taking the backlash she is so used to receiving anymore. In a series of ranting tweets, Kim disses the celebs who used her photo for attention and reminded us that she’s laughing all the way to the bank. If you’re reading this and feeling furious because you can’t stand Kim, keep reading: here are 16 reactions to her naked selfie that will make you think of things differently. Let’s remember this on International Women’s Day: we should be respecting and empowering other women rather than tearing them down because we don’t agree with what they do. This goes for Kim and any other woman out there. Let’s focus on ourselves a little bit more than what others choose to do, okay?

1. First up: Bette Midler, who felt this was necessary to say:

Kim’s reply?


2. It wouldn’t be a celeb controversy without Piers Morgan adding his two cents:

And Kim, thankfully, pointed out his never-ending creepiness:


3. Chloe Moretz pulled the classic “you should be a role model to young girls, so you shouldn’t be naked” statement everyone makes whenever a famous female shows off her body.

But her argument is frustrating: first of all, Kim doesn’t have to be a role model. That in and of itself is annoying. Do you ever hear male celebrities being told they have to act like role models? No, you don’t. Second: You can argue that Kim is showing women it’s okay to be proud of their bodies. And it is!


4. One of the only celebs to speak up for Kim was model Emily Ratajkowski, who has been criticized in the past for appearing nude in photos and videos.

She also commented on how everyone has been saying Kanye West must have written Kim’s tweets:


5. Go Miley, go Miley:


6. This user reminds us that women can do what they want with their bodies, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not.


7. Basically:

8. Bella Thorne also took a stand against Chloe’s statement:


9. Whenever people react to Kim as if she’s stupid, I just want to remind them that even their hate-filled comments contribute to making Kim more famous:


10. Let’s be real for a second:




12. Exactly. Being confident in yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.


13. She might not be a role model in some eyes, but she certainly is a trendsetter.


14. The reactions Kim inspires out of people never fail to terrify and amuse me:


15. Let’s please all stop.


16. This Twitter user pointed out the truth: if a male celebrity posted a picture of themselves naked with a black bar covering their penis, no one would react this way.


In conclusion, let’s keep these two tweets in mind:

What do you think of Kim’s naked selfie? How do you feel about this situation? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments.

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