12 Unofficial Rules Of Netflix And Chill To Really Impress Your Crush

Whether we hate the phrase or not, let’s admit that Netflix and chill (unfortunately) exists. Although this once may have meant “come over and watch a movie together and relax,” there’s no denying that it’s now just code for “come over and let’s pretend to watch a movie until we start hooking up.” I personally hate how guys think it’s acceptable to invite a girl over to “chill” when really they’re just trying to get into our pants. Hey, maybe we really just want to kick back and binge watch Orange is the New Black without getting all freaky with bae.


But maybe you’re into Netflix and chill, especially if the invitation is from your crush. In that case, it’s only right that a girl comes prepared and ready. While the thought of going over a guy’s house to hook up can be pretty intimidating, knowing your coming fully equipped can help put you at ease. If you want to know what to wear or bring to a Netflix and chill invite, read on for the 12 unofficial rules of Netflix and chill that you never knew you needed:

1. Eat before you leave your house. 


Let’s be real, not all guys know how to be great hosts, and if you’re going over expecting snacks and refreshments – think again! The worst thing is sitting on a couch next to some hottie and your stomach starts growling. It’s happened to the best of us (including myself) and it’s majorly embarrassing. If you two divert your attention away from whatever is on Netflix and start to get busy, trust me – you’ll want your energy.


2. Brush your teeth after you eat.


Now that your stomach is nice and full, no one likes kissing bad breath.  It’s just common courtesy to brush those pearly whites and maybe while you’re there, rinse with some mouth wash. An extra minty mouth can’t hurt, and you’ll thank yourself later when you are leaning in for that kiss.


3. Bring gum/mints.


Continuing with having good breath all night, grab a pack of gum or mints on your way out the door. Maybe it won’t even be you who has the funky breath, maybe your hookup buddy had some garlic for dinner and he needs a refresher. You’ll both be thankful.


4. Wear something cute but also comfy.


We of course want to look presentable, but there’s no way we should be expected to show up for a casual hookup sesh in something super sexy and uncomfortable. We’re technically watching Netflix and chilling, right? If you’re ready to be sneaky, throw on leggings and an oversized sweater or top and you’re good to go.


5. Bring condoms.


For some reason, it’s always just expected that the dude will supply the condoms, although I’m not sure why. Come prepared to make sure things stay safe. Don’t even think about using the excuse of being on birth control, because you don’t know where his little guy down there has been, so protect yo’self girl!


6. Wear a cute bra and panties.


If you are dressing casually, at least give some extra thought to what you’re wearing underneath everything. Don’t fret that your bra and panties might not match, but at least make them cute. Break out those cute Victoria’s Secret cheekies or go extra sexy with a lacy thong (or as my mom awkwardly calls them, dental floss). Find your cutest colored or patterned bra and you’re set! Little known fact: sexy lingerie can make a girl feel 10 times more confident.


7. Don’t wear much jewelry.


Confused? The truth is losing your favorite earring or charm during a hookup sesh is super easy and happens all the time. All it takes is pulling off your top too fast for an item of jewelry to come right off. The advice here = leave the nice stuff at home.


8. Bring perfume.


It’s not necessary to carry with you an entire glass filled bottle of perfume, of course (that ish will break easily). If you’re carrying a large purse with you, throw in a body spray to spritz on yourself in the bathroom when you know things are about to get steamy. If you have a smaller bag, like a cross body, throw in those tiny spray perfume samples those perfume people in the mall push on you. Talk about smelling delish.


9. Stay clean and fresh.


Part of feeling confident about your body when you’re getting down and dirty is knowing that you smell good. Of course, we all smell down there sometimes, and it’s not a big deal. But if you’ll feel better about yourself being fresh, then stay fresh. Shower before, or just run into the bathroom to wash up quickly.


10. Pretend you are going over his house to actually watch Netflix.


Even though everyone knows that Netflix and chill means you’re going to pretend to watch something and then start making out five minutes into it, no one talks about it. Keep up the game and act super excited to watch the action movie you’ll both pick. Honestly, it’s just more fun that way.


11. Have an excuse ready if you want to leave.


Maybe the night isn’t going exactly as planned or you’re really just not feeling the vibe between you and this guy… now what? Think of a totally believable excuse for why you suddenly have to leave before you go out. Don’t fret about it being super creative. “I have to walk my dog,” will do just fine.


12. Don’t have expectations.


It sounds depressing, but high expectations lead to lots of disappointment. Go over there expecting some casual fun, and don’t make the night too big of a deal. It’s just supposed to be a good time! 

Which of these rules have you tried and found helpful? Are there any that we could add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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 The 11 Unofficial Rules Of Hooking Up Without Getting Caught

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