14 Reasons Why Guys Actually Just Suck

Okay, so. I’m assuming that you clicked on this post because, as the title–“why guys actually suck”–might imply, it is a full-on, 100% total drag of the male gender as a whole. And I am ALSO assuming that you clicked on it out of what is either:

A) a “YAAASS, DRAG THEM” mentality after being burned one too many times by guys in the past

B) A blind “#NotAllMen” rage because you’re like, you know, “Hey! Not all guys are #actually bad, you know.”

C) A bland, knee-jerk reaction to a sorta-clickbait-y title ( the most likely option, probably).

Any of those are very possible! But, whatever the case, I will lead with a brief disclaimer: All guys aren’t all bad. It is reductive to say so. You know that. I know that. We all know that. Sometimes, though, it’s just fun to complain. You know? So, with a smattering of past experiences, plus the knowledge that, sure, whatever, not all guys as a subset of the human race actually as terrible people (and even the ones who are objectively awful aren’t awful all the time; just some of it, and when it affects you negatively) let’s check out the reasons why guys actually suck:

1. Catcalling:
Yeah, not all guys do this, but it is only ever guys who catcall girls. So.

2. Surprise dick pics:

3. “Accidental” dick pics:

4. Texts like this:

5. And this:

A logical conversation transition.

6. Aaaand this:


Funny how some things just “turn out” that way.

7. Snaps like this:



8. This…situation:



9. That thing when they’re talking to you, and also at least two other girls:

But he likes you the most. Promise.

10. Meninists:


11. Male Feminists:

It’s cool to be a guy. It’s very cool to be a feminist who is also a guy. But a self-proclaimed, self-congratulatory Male Feminist? Jerk-off motion FOREVER. BYE.

12. “Mansplainers:”

Paid sick leave? Tell me more!

13. That whole “Netflix and Chill” thing:

Netflix and Chill:  A slang term invented by males so they could laugh at you when you go over to their house thinking that you’re actually just going to watch movies.

14. And when it comes to actual dates, they leave…a lot to be desired:

It’s all about the long con. Apparently.

What do you think about guys? Do they not suck, kinda suck, or literally always suck? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Marissa Ricci

    This consists majorly of texting crap which is probably not even real, considering there are websites that you can visit to make fake text conversations.

    If you feel THAT strongly about this, then why don’t you talk about things that actually matter? Like men who shame women for being sluts, yet brag about how many chicks they’ve slept with? Also, pointing out your own mistake of a title for your blog doesn’t make it ok. You’re still talking down to people and being a total jerk, over mostly nothing too. >.>