10 Reasons Spring Is Actually The Worst Season Ever

Spring is coming! The sun is brighter, the sky is bluer, and the grass is greener. Flowers are springing up,  scarves are packed away, and the countdown to summer break has officially begun. With warmer weather everyone is happier, acting nicer, and having more fun outdoors. What could possibly be bad about spring?

That right there is the biggest problem of all – expectations are too high. Spring is supposed to be a season of awakening, beginnings, fresh starts, look-at-all-the-baby-lambs-how-adorable fun. Spring is a season of deception: everything you think is great about it isn’t actually that great. Sure, it stays light out later, but your curfew doesn’t actually change. Yes, nicer weather is coming, but uh, when is it coming? There are still snowstorm forecasts and it’s still so chilly out that you need a jacket at odd moments during the day. Finals are around the corner, and stress is everywhere… let’s go on. Here are 10 reasons spring is actually the worst season everL 

1. One word: allergies


*Achoo* Bless you! Sure, flowers are pretty and all, but pollen is horrible. The sniffles, watery eyes, and scratchy throat of allergy season is no one’s idea of a good time. Make sure to pack Kleenex in your purse before stepping outside.


2. “Spring fever” makes everyone a little crazy

excited screaming

You might not even realize how much winter’s dreariness got you down until the sun comes out and you lose your mind a little bit. Everyone gets restless after spending a whole season indoors and the minute the sun shines all anyone wants to do is be outside soaking it up. Shorts are worn when it’s still below 60 degrees, because hey, it’s above freezing! The excitement reaches somewhat of a manic level and no one is in their right mind for the first week or two.


3. You have to start shaving again

shaving cream everywhere

All of a sudden you can’t hide your hairy legs in tights or your fuzzy armpits in sweaters. It feels like your shower routine has doubled in length, and you remember how sharp razors are. Why do we shave, again? Of course we don’t HAVE to, but the pressure is real.


4. Remember how loud birds are?

bids flying

Birds fly south for the winter. In the spring they fly back, sit on your windowsill, and wake you up at the crack of dawn with all of their chirping. Guess you can throw out your alarm clock.


5. There are no great seasonal beverages

starbucks britney excited

Calm down, Britney, there’s no reason to be so happy. Summer is refreshing with fresh fruit-filled lemonade chillers, winter comfort comes in the form of peppermint mochas, and fall is everyone’s favorite season thanks to the classic pumpkin spice latte. What drink embodies spring? That’s right, there isn’t one.


6. Spring break is either expensive or boring

spring break

You could buy cute new bikinis, sunglasses, and flip flops, fly to the beach and order Shirley Temples with little paper umbrellas in them—and you’d have a great time, but you would spend a lot of that babysitting cash you’ve been saving for college. On the flip side, you could spend spring break sitting at home with Netflix and frozen waffles with eyes glazed over from boredom—but hey, you’ll be able to afford that cute comforter for your future dorm room!


7. What are you supposed to wear, anyway?

lizzie mcguire nothing to wear

It’s too warm for long sleeves, but too cold for tank tops. You’re chilly in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and shivering again at the end of the day. You can’t wear shorts to school, but you’re tired of the same pants you wore all fall and winter. It’s not really “white” season until after Memorial Day, but your favorite maroon blouse seems too dark now. Do you have to take off your eggplant nail polish??


8. Flats are actually the worst shoes


You better buy a bulk box of bandaids, because flats are the go-to shoe for spring, and flats are literally the most uncomfortable shoe of all time. Say what you want about high heels, but I’ve never gotten more blisters than from the most unassuming flats. Plus, you don’t wear socks when you wear flats, and your feet do not smell like the flowers blooming outside.


9. Chafing is real

crying naomi campbell

This problem begins in springtime and doubles in summer. The inside of my thighs is already cringing in anticipation of the friction to come. Thanks for nothing, bare legs.


10. It’s messy


April showers bring May flowers—but first, they bring MUD. Spring weather ruins your shoes, not to mention your your hairstyle—first it’s frizzy from humidity, then it’s “wet dog” from rain. Who needs the aggravation?

What are your least favorite things about spring? What did we forget to include? What do you disagree with? Let us know in the comments.


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