16 Early 2000’s Beauty Trends We Hope Never Come Back In Style

As the spring season fast approaches, along with it come new fashion and beauty trends that are going to take over. Among these fresh new trends will be a whole lot of recycled older trends. Last spring, we watched as the ’70s took over, and this past fall, many of the things we loved in the ’90s became popular again. This means that it’s totally possible for early 2000’s beauty trends to come back in style, and oh my God, we hope that does not happen with most of them.

The early 2000’s may not feel very long ago, but if you look back at the crazy hair and makeup trends we used to love, it definitely looks very outdated. This was a time of very uniquely awful beauty trends we wish we could forget. Unfortunately, with the way old trends seem to come and go, we might not be able to. So, just throwing it out there: these 16 old beauty trends should never, ever become popular. Seriously fashion world – we’re begging you over here.

1) Body glitter everywhere


Rolled on via the Art Stuff line at Bath and Body Works and when you were older, it came in marshmallow flavor because you thought your crush would have a fun time licking glitter? Who knows. The main take-away from the early 2000’s is that everything was shimmery and nothing hurt.


2) Brown lipliner with pink lipstick


My mother called this “chocolate bar mouth.” I forgot all about this until I saw Marnie’s first bridal look in the season opener of Girls and gasped. How did we ever? Why?


3) Frosted tips


Why did we think this was cute for boys? Girls with short hair caught on to this trend, too, but… only bleaching your tips? Seriously?


4) Chunky highlights


They were chunky and not blended ON PURPOSE! Let’s make it look like these highlights are really not natural.


5) Chunkier lowlights


I forgot about lowlights until I wrote this. Rough.


6) Crimping your hair


The early 2000’s made us nostalgic for the 80’s, and along with that came the resurgence of crimping.


7) Fully lined eyes 


I love a good smoky eye, but people were rocking the heavy smoky eye everywhere for everything on every occasion.


8) Frosted lipstick and lipgloss


Super sheen, candy colored pink frosted lips were all over the place in the early 2000’s and it looked good on approximately five people, and even that is stretching it.


9) Frosted creme eye makeup


Frosted lips were one thing, but does anyone else remember applying creme shadow from a tube with their fingers? Not a good look. It made everyone look greasy. Why was the 2000’s about frosting everything?


10) Seriously skinny eyebrows


I blame the early 2000’s for people starting to shave off their eyebrows and draw them back on. I had friends’ parents who had them tattooed on and they were all super skinny. Before we got obsessed with thicker brows, we were into having them pencil thin.


11) Zig zag hair parts


In the name of adding volume to your hair and being trendy af, you could zig zag part your hair and be ~edgy~.


12) Butterfly everything


Butterfly clips, lower back tattoos, and embellished on everything, there was no escape from all things butterfly.


13) Statement bellybutton rings


Other than everyone getting their bellybuttons pierced, you also had to get the dangly, starry statement bellybutton ring with charms. You were sure to rock it with a crop top to show it off because wearing it with a regular shirt and non low-rise jeans were hazardous.


14) Greasy, gelled ponytails


RIP My Old Hairline. Slicked back with gel and two little dangly bits hanging off were how you were *supposed* to wear your hair up. Pulling it back so hard ripped up our scalps, but beauty is pain (no it’s not)… and this trend was awful.


15) Everyone was obsessed with Swarovski crystals and put them on their bodies and everything else.


I directly blame you, Paris Hilton. And Gwen Stefani for bringing back appropriating bindis.


16) No one had any chill with the sunless tanner.


Going to a tanning salon became trendy, but there was also the tanning lotions that everyone couldn’t get enough of. It made people look streaky and orange. Not a good look.

Which of these early 2000’s beauty trends was your least favorite? Which one did you love? Let us know in the comments.

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Which Tacky Early 2000s Trend Are You?

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