15 Unique Couples Tattoos That Don’t Suck

Tattoos are gorgeous pieces of art that also double as lifetime commitments. This is why couple tattoos are so tricky – if the couple ends up splitting up, they’re reminded of that every time they look at the art on their skin. Besides that, so many options are super corny and over-done. If you’re of the mind to get a tattoo to commemorate the love you have in your life, it’s hard to think of a design that doesn’t… well, suck. Compromising with your partner could make things even trickier. Finding a way to be romantic but not cheesy is hard! I’ve seen enough anchors, infinity signs, hearts, and aggressive his/hers branding to last me a lifetime – and the metaphor is not lost on me with all those lock and key pieces. It’s barely excusable when a couple you know constantly posts about how much they love each other on social media. Getting a tattoo together? That’s some next level couple-dom.

I may have come up with a formula for getting a couples tattoo: like the best relationships, they function great as separate, independent pieces, but are ultimately better together. These tattoos are special and unique to each person who gets them. They aren’t literal, cheesy, and they don’t act as two-parter puzzle pieces so you only make sense if you’re literally holding hands with your person. Basically, they don’t suck. Show them to your love and get brainstorming because these 15 options are all awesome as hell.

1) These complimentary star-sign constellations.

Get the other person’s sign, or get your own. I love that these pieces are complimentary and inked on the same part of their bodies while not overtly match-y.


2) Commemorate a special spot by getting a tattoo of the geographic coordinates.

If you met in your summer abroad in Paris, maybe don’t get a large Eiffel Tower. Coordinates are so specific, you can even get it to be the street corner where you shared your first kiss. Only you guys know where it is… without having to Google it. Bam! How’s that for romance?


3) Mark your anniversary with some roman numerals.

12-25-2011 forever do exist. #inked #couplegoals #coupletattoo #coupleinked #forevs

A photo posted by khen ckolin (@ckolinkhen_07heart) on

Apparently, this couple made it official on Christmas. Roman numerals always look sleek and elegant when written out long-form.


4) These matching paper cranes.

Grullas de origami #tatuandohistorias #origamitattoo #tattoo #tatuajepareja #coupletattoo @gatoinfame

A photo posted by Capital Ink Studio (@capitalinkstudio) on

If fourth grade lit taught me anything, it’s that origami paper cranes mean good luck (#RIPSadako).


5) These airplanes flying off together.

Fly with me…to the stars #Here_we_are #mylove #this #Airplanes #tattoo #inkedcouple #coupletattoo

A photo posted by Ναταλία Μακρή (@natali.mak) on

For the goal-setting, ambitious couple or for those who like to travel, the symbolism of two airplanes flying off in the same direction is pretty sweet.


6) This diver and mermaid duo.

Totally awesome when apart, but even better when you’re holding hands. *Belts out “Part of Your World”*


7) These similar-but-different maple leaves.

I adore creative couple tattoos

A photo posted by Stacy Smith (@tattoome_stacy) on

The differences are small, but these tattoos are bright, sweet, and super creative.


8) This minimalist, small bow and arrow.

Couples pieces #brunswickcounty #ironanchortattooleland #leland #lelandtattoos #couplestat #sometimessimpleisbetter

A photo posted by Iron Anchor Tattoo Leland (@ironanchortattoo1) on

If you love the idea of lock and key, but want something a little less um, penetrative? to symbolize how you need each other? Bow and arrow. Problem solved!


9) These abstract, ornate line-drawling arrows.

Upgrade from the basic arrow by bringing the design of your tat to a whole new level. How cool is this?


10) These royal chess pieces in love.

Ugh, there is no shortage of king/queen pieces when it comes to couples tattoos. But this? Subtle, nerdy, specific, not played out.


11) For those of you who want to make a more royal statement as king and queen…

Spamuju všude! #tattoo #coupletattoo #relationshipgoals #crowns #herking #hisqueen #bodyarthrad

A photo posted by Kristus (@kvikimart) on

His and hers crowns!


12) For our older readers who may be thinking about getting engaged in a few years…

His and Hers #mrs #mr #mrandmrs #firsttattoo #anniversary #love #married #tenyears #decade #weddingring #weddingringtattoo #tattoo

A photo posted by Carrie Anema (@spoiledwithdiamonds) on

These Mr. and Mrs. wedding bands almost look like a design, not words, at first glance. If you’re so sure about this relationship that you’re married, by all means, get a complimentary inked wedding band.


13) These two different takes on a deer bust.

Beads and fur decorate the quirky deer while the deer skull is the darker take on the same thing.


14) These watercolor animals.

Okay, in my head, it’s a patronus tattoo, but I’m fantasizing. If you both want to get something like an animal anyway, you can make it a couples piece by getting a very similar design. (In this case, it’s line drawing and watercolors and they look amazing).


15) Tell the world you complete each other with this lovers’ pizza.

Complete with pepperoni hearts! Whaaaaaaaaat.

Which of these couple tattoos is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Daniel

    I think, there is no such thing like couple tattoos that suck! http://www.dubuddha.org/category/couples_tattoo/ – are there any? Couple tattoos are unique and they don’t even have too look good and understandable for majority. That’s a very personal thing!