9 Real Girls Talk About The First Time They Had An Orgasm

It might sound a little crazy, but if you think about it, experiencing an orgasm for the first time is kind of like discovering a brand new feature on your phone.

You’re surprised and uncertain at first because you’ve never actually used the feature before. But at the same time, since your curiosity bites, you can’t help but explore it a little more. Just moments after indulging, though, you realize that this feature is way better than you initially thought, and it even makes your phone function a little better. This is kind of what it feels like to experience what your own body is capable of during a first orgasm. While it can be a bit scary, it’s also pretty exhilarating.


When I visited the boards this week, I read quite a few posts about when girls experienced their very first orgasm. One discussion focused more on the details of how their first orgasm happened and the other was mostly an open space for readers to share their stories. It was so interesting to read about everyone’s first experience, and I get the feeling that you’ll really love reading them too! Check out these nine stories from our readers about the first time they ever orgasmed.

Blacka01 said:

I had a really erotic dream which lasted for ages and I really didn't want it to end. Suddenly I felt an enormous sense of excitement building... and then I woke up. I sat up straight away and could feel my tummy was all tight and tingly and my pussy was achy and itching like mad. I ignored it like a good little Catholic girl and rolled around trying to get back to sleep. After about 5 minutes I gave up and thought I'd try and maybe massage the itch away (well, it made sense to me at the time!).

I was really hot so pushed the covers down and knelt on my bed. I was amazed to find that I was really wet and it physically felt very different to normal i.e. it was all very puffed up, slippery, and hot. I started gently 'rubbing the itch away' and it just felt amazing. I did this kneeling for a while then I lay down on my back and started rubbing harder and faster. I do remember thinking that at some point I was going to have to stop all this nonsense and just go back to sleep!

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LostLaurel said:

I was almost 10, and a few months earlier I had discovered that rubbing myself down there through my panties felt very nice. I used to do it almost every night after I went to bed. It was very soothing and made me relaxed. All soft and warm feeling. On this night, though, things felt... different. Instead of relaxing me, my usually gentle rubbing was just getting me more worked up. I don't want to go into too much detail, but after 15 minutes or so I had my very first O. I thought I had discovered something completely unique, something so wonderful yet so secret that only I knew about it.

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Mandakim said:

When I took a bath I purposely rubbed on the bottom of the tub. I tried moving from side to side as well as up and down. I remember having to stop because I was moving my body so much the water in the tub was splashing. My mother knocked on the door and told me to stop splashing. It stopped me in my tracks but not for long. When I started again, I tried to keep the splashing down a bit by letting some water out of the tub.

I was scared as to what would happen, but it felt too good to stop. The feeling was weird, strange and totally different to anything I'd ever felt before. The faster I rubbed/grinded on the tub the more it intensified and I couldn't have stopped even if someone had walked in on me.

I kept grinding faster and pushing my bits harder into the tub. All of a sudden the pressure and tension exploded into the most amazing and pleasurable sensation. My whole body went into uncontrollable spasming and...shivering.....I guess is the best way to describe it.

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SueAnn said:

I tried for a year to have one and I would come so close, but no orgasm. But one time, my boyfriend rubbed my clit and fingered me a little at the movies. OMG, I was so aroused when I got home that I went to bed and started rubbing it with my finger and in no time, I had my first and second orgasms. I had to put a pillow over my head to muffle the sounds I was making.

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Xogretchen8 said:

I remember always touching myself but the time I first orgasmed, I was hornier than ever before. I had a feeling I needed to "finish" and I furiously rubbed my panties against myself until I came... I remember the first few times would hurt before I came and afterwards I’d be sore from rubbing so rough and fast because it was the only way I knew how to get that feeling at first.

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Casey1 said:

I'd decided during the day that I was going to try masturbating that night so I went to bed feeling slightly excited but nervous. I went to bed early but then decided to wait until the rest of my family had also gone to bed.

It was really hard waiting because I was excited and nervous. I took off my pajama bottoms and started to rub myself, first up and down my clit, then focusing on and around my clit. It didn't take long to work out that circles on and around my clit felt really good. I'd done this a few times before but never done it for as long and it hadn't felt as good before.

I just remember suddenly thinking "this feels nice ... this feels really nice ... OH GOD THIS FEELS NICE!" And there was definitely a moment when I felt what I now know was the beginning of an orgasm - just when the spasms start. Even if I'd wanted to stop then, I couldn't have.

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Cailin16 said:

I felt a rush of heat all over me, especially down there and on my face. It felt as if something was shooting down my legs and they jerked around a bit. I was glad it stopped because I was worried that I had gone too far. But then it felt good and I was relaxed yet tingling all over.

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Sarad said:

When I got to my room I locked the door and lay down on my bed on my front. I started slowly grinding against my hand through my clothes (that's what I did back then). It felt really good but at this point not really any different from normal. My mom shouted at me from the garden and I had to get up off the bed to speak to her. Just as I was pushing myself up off the bed into a kneeling position I felt something that I'd never felt before - like a muscular twinge in my stomach. I went over and spoke to mom and then I quickly jumped back onto the bed and lay down on my front. I clenched my stomach muscles and felt that strange tingle again.

After restarting the grinding I occasionally tightened my stomach muscles and I think that's what made the difference. After a short while I could feel things building up inside me and I could feel my vagina muscles start to tighten up on their own without me doing anything.

I suddenly felt a tingle shoot through my whole body and a few seconds later a very intense sensation appeared in my stomach. I had to bury my face in my pillow because the pleasure was so intense and I started to moan (I remember very clearly being scared that something big was happening inside me and that someone might hear me). I had no idea it was going to feel so incredible.

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Bambamohhotdamn said:

I was just losing control and felt like I was gonna pee. I had a set of beads which I rubbed along my clit and just kept rubbing until I came. It felt good but I was still shaky and unsure what had happened.

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What was your first orgasm like? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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