7 Things You Didn’t KNow You Were Doing Wrong With Your Bras

Why do bras have to play by different rules than the rest of our clothes? Seriously, there’s so much you can be doing wrong with your bras and not even know it. So many items of clothing, especially underwear, seem low-maintenance and easy to deal with – why would something you wear every day be complicated? As it turns out, there’s a lot you may not know. For example: I just found out that some girls clasp their bras behind their backs instead of doing it in front, then flipping it around. Mind = blown. That difference in bra maintenance is more or less split down the middle, but does not effect the wear and tear of your bra that much.

Unless you’re carefully observing and taking notes in the locker room at gym, you’re not going to see a lot of other girls interact with their bras to get any comparison to what you’re doing with yours, so how do you know if what you’re doing is incorrect? Why is this important? Most bra snafus have to do with maintenance and care, so if you stop treating your bras badly, they’ll last longer. These seven things you’re doing wrong with your bras can be easily fixed, so they’re easy, non-life changing fixes that are going to extend the shelf life of your bra and get rid of all that weird bacteria that gets trapped on those things. If you’re doing these things with your bra, maybe stop – your boobs will be so much happier when you do.

You Only Wear Pre-Molded Cups

Logic might have some girls thinking that pre-molded cups are going to make your boobs look bigger: the cup is already molded to be rounder and bigger than my natural breast, and this bra otherwise fits my body, so it works! Wrong. Sometimes, a seamed or lined bra could be the better option for your body, depending on the size and shape of your natural breast. If you have naturally full, perky boobs, the molded cups may work for you. But, if you're like most girls, your boobs may not fill out the whole molded cup, causing your bra to not fit correctly. Having a well fit bra is going to make your boobs look bigger than any quadra-boob or boob-cave ever could.

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You Wear The Same Bra Two Days In A Row

Think of the elastic in your bra like a muscle. You wouldn't do a leg day two days in a row? That's a one way ticket to some serious muscle soreness or even an injury if you don't rest your body for a day. It's tempting to wear a favorite all the time, but bras need at least a day of rest to reset back to normal and to avoid wearing out too fast. They're not like jeans or a jacket where you can wear them more than once back to back. The elastic is part of the bra's functionality and it needs some time off in order to work properly.

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You're Washing Them In Hot Water

Wash your bras in cold water and in a delicates bag, if you have one. Even better if you can hand wash in warm water. Throwing your bras in on hot? Not good. The hot water warps the elastic whereas cold water shocks them back into action. Bras aren't like your other articles of clothing. I get how washing them on hot would, in theory, do more to kill bacteria and get rid of germs, but you're ultimately doing more harm than good by warping your bra in the process. If you want to extend your bra's shelf life to a full 18 months, stop washing them on hot.

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You're Putting Them in The Dryer

If you have molded cups, they're going to warp and get lumpy in the dryer. Like not washing your bras in hot water, don't dry them in hot air for an hour and expect them to fit the same when you take them back out. Hang your bras out to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Sure, they may look awkward just hanging out in your house and it takes a lot longer, but getting more wear out of your bra is definitely worth it. I suspect most of you are doing this already, but it's so bad for your bras.

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You Wear The Same Bra For Everything

Everyone has a favorite bra, but when you can see the lace through your t-shirt, that may not be the best bra for that outfit. Wearing pushup bras under a turtleneck could look strange and wearing a sports bra under everything is not going to feel great either. Each bra has it's own, special function and go best with their own different clothes. Of course, have your date night bra, a sexy option, a versatile neutral, strapless, and convertible to cover all your bases, but wearing the wrong bra with the wrong outfit could do more harm than good. Sure, wearing a spiked bra because it makes you feel sexy and you want to get indulgent with some ~self love~ is a great idea, but maybe don't wear it under a school uniform.

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You Don't Wash Them Enough

We're all guilty of not washing our bras as often as you should - which, for the record, is anywhere between three and five wears. Bras are super close to your skin, yet we declare them dirty faster than a shirt we wore for the whole day. What gives? You don't do that for the underwear that's rubbing up against your vagina all day? Sports bras get washed after every use for obvious reasons, but you need to be washing your regular bras approximately every week. The natural oils your body produces breaks down the bra's elastic and having trapped skin cells and excess moisture on your bra could lead to bacteria accumulating on there, which can lead to break outs and other infections? Not good. Wash your bras.

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You're Not Getting A Proper Fitting

The Internet will give you a lot of tips about fitting yourself, but your best bet is always to go to a specialist - their job is to fit ladies with the right bra! Typically found at a lingerie shop, not necessarily at Target or Victoria's Secret, bra fit specialists are going to change the way your whole body looks by hooking you up with the right bra. Your band size and cup size may surprise you - going from a 36B to hearing you're a 32D can be surprising - but these specialists know what they're doing. Be aware that, like every other article of clothing, you could be a different size in a different band. So, the best thing to do for your boobs is to find your best brand and size, then stick with it. Most brands found at these lingerie shops can also be found at places like Marshall's at a way lesser price, so don't panic about having to buy an expensive bra when you go to get fit. Once you know your size, you should be good to go.

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Which of these things are you guilty of doing? What did we forget to include on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Moni

    I highly recommend that if you wear bras that you should get fitted. At Victoria’s secret you’re not obligated to buy something after the fitting but they’re extremely helpful and will tell you what fits better. I thought I was a 34 B for a while then I thought I was a C about a year ago. After getting fitted a month ago turned out I was way off. My posture and my back have improved since getting fitted and buying new bras that size.