Would You Rather: Pick Between These Humiliating Public Sex Scenarios

Whether you’re making out under the bleachers or stealing a quickie in the corner of a parking lot, there’s almost never a dull moment when it comes to public sex. Of course, they’re pretty risky, but you have to admit that this just makes the experience even more fun and thrilling.


However, even though having passionate sex in public does have its perks, there are a bunch of things that could go wrong and completely ruin the mood. I mean, just imagine: What if you and your partner ended up getting trapped in that place? Or what if you guys got caught by a small kid? Pretty embarrassing, right?

See if you could survive some of the most humiliating things that could happen while you’re having sex in public.





Which of these was the hardest for you? Are you happy with your results? Tell us in the comments below!

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