Why Is Liquid Coming Out Of Your Boobs?

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So, I had a question. I was fooling around and playing with my breasts when I saw that liquid started to come out! I thought it was weird so I stopped, but as it turns out, every time I play with my breasts I leak… or lactate… or I don’t know what that is. Is this normal? And if so why does this happen?


I can definitely see why you’re freaking out here, but no worries: everything is *probably* okay. Liquid coming from your boobs, or “nipple discharge,” is actually quite common – it’s just something that no one ever really talks about (unless they’re pregnant). In fact, I think nipple discharge might be discussed even less than vaginal discharge, which is really saying something. But since I am not an expert on breast liquid, I turned to someone who is. Okay, so she’s not a boob discharge doctor, but she does know her stuff. My friend Dr. Sherry Ross from the site HelloFlo (a monthly period care package you need to check out) will explain what’s going on so you can stop stressing out.

Dr. Ross says, “Nipple discharge can be a very normal occurrence for women. A clear fluid coming from the nipples can happen if they are excessively stimulated in same way. During sex or similar intimacy, regular nipple stimulation either by fingers or the mouth can cause a nipple discharge.” So, it kind of makes sense that it’s happening when you’re touching your boobs – you’re stimulating them. But this can happen from more subtle things as well. Dr Ross says, “Tight t-shirts or bras can rub the nipples, also causing them to leak. Certain commonly used medications, such as the birth control pill, cause a normal nipple discharge as well.”

Are there some more serious things to worry about? Of course, as with almost anything that happens to your body. Dr Ross says, “Other causes of nipple discharge include pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast infection, fibrocystic breasts, breast trauma, benign breast tumors, thyroid disease and certain herbs, such as anise and fennel.”

She continues, “If you were fooling around with your breasts by yourself or a partner, that is the most likely explanation for your breasts to leak. When the discharge is seen in both breasts and the color is clear, there is less to worry about.” Still freaking out? Head to the doctor. As Dr. Ross says, “Regardless of the color, it’s always best to discuss any changes with your breast with a health care provider.” Hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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