10 Of The Craziest Ways Real Girls Have Lost Their Virginity

When you lose your virginity, you might tell your best friend. You might tell a bunch of friends. And you might, depending on how close you are with her, tell your mom. But would you tell, say, about fifty thousand people? Most of you, I’d hazard to guess, would probably pass on that. But some people are doing just that–telling the world, give or take, how, exactly they lost their virginity–through a Twitter account called, aptly, “How I Lost My Vcard.” 

Of course, you can’t submit just any story about losing a V-card to this account. A pinned tweet at the top of the page says that the stories submitted have to be “legendary,” and, for the most part, its seems like most of the submissions keep with that. Of course, whether they are true or not–just like that Twitter account that shares people’s absolutely insane breakup stories–remains to be seen, but that is beside the point. This Twitter account exists for entertainment and entertainment alone, and on that, it certainly delivers. So, without further ado, check out these stories about having sex for the first time–some of them are shocking, most are a little odd,but all of them are, without fail, pretty legendary. Quick warning that some of these stories are a little on the racy side–just don’t read them at school or around your mom if you think you’ll get in trouble:

1. This girl, who accidentally showed everyone…everything:



2. This girl who found solace from a tough relationship with a nice boy from Bible Study:




3. This girl who felt totally  #blessed after her first time:





4. This girl who had the meet cute to end all meet cutes (she accidentally sat on him and then kept in hidden in her closet for a weekend–as one does):






5. This girl whose romantic Passport To Paris experience was ruined by a rando on the beach:



6. This girl who had two pairs of pants on, for some reason:



7. This girl who had to experience…quite the plot twist:




8. This girl whose first time having sex was almost ruined by her Timbs:

timbs1 timbs2 timbs3 timbs4


9. This girl who got “naked as a walrus” for her first time:



10. This girl, who couldn’t really figure out where to put it:



What do you think about these stories? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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