WTF Are Pom-Pom Nails? Everything You Must Know About This New Beauty Trend

If you took an arts ‘n’ crafts class at any point throughout your childhood, you’re probably familiar with pom-poms–you know, those little multicolored clumps of yarn or acrylic that seem to be a staple in any and all art classrooms in elementary schools. Perhaps you have been missing those little guys? If so, there’s now another way to work pom-poms into your look, should you be so inclined–they’re called pom-pom nails.

The trend is basically just what it sounds like–you literally just glue pom-poms to your nails as a sort of 3-D decoration, kind of like furry nails. It’s like the arts ‘n’ crafts class you took in first grade, but instead of making a DIY purse or picture frame, you’re putting them on your hands. Of course, as with most Instagram beauty trends, it’s questionable as to what you can actually do when you’ve got these poms on your nails– gluing large puffballs onto your nails might be the surest way to render your hands “ornaments” rather than “tools”–but it certainly makes for a great picture. Sound good to you? If so, check out these different pom-pom nail looks to see the different ways you can implement the trend:

The most common way to execute pom-pom nails is by placing a small one at the base of the nail, then accenting with polish (and other possible decorations):


Like so:


People are doing it with bigger poms, too, though:


What a time to be alive, am I right?


Basically, there’s no “right” way to do it–you may do multiple poms on one hand, should you so desire:


Or just one single pom juxtaposed against a tie-dye manicure:

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It works especially well with pastel colors, making it the perfect nail look for spring:


Not ready to commit to actual poms on your nails? You can mimic the look by painting small circles on your nails–it won’t be exactly the same, but the overall idea is the same:


Or gluing poms to fake nails, if yo’re leery of putting glue on your actual nails:


Basically? No matter how you do it, it’s bound to make for a great Insta:

Would you ever try pom-pom nails? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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WTF Are Furry Nails? Everything You Need To Know About This New Nail Trend

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