7 Reasons Alcohol Is Actually Worse Than Pot

Before any of you look at this title and accuse me of advocating marijuana use, hold up. I’m not here to promote pot or alcohol. You’ll probably experiment and come to your own conclusion about them, just like I and everybody else on the planet eventually do! But now that that’s out of the way, I do have a bone to pick about the way that our society treats marijuana.

Marijuana is a plant that alters the mind and body, so it’s not some harmless little daisy, it’s a drug. But the fact that it’s illegal almost everywhere while alcohol or cigarettes aren’t is ten levels of weird, especially considering the fact that marijuana has never killed anyone, unlike most other recreational drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.

While some states in the United States allow medical marijuana, and the state of Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to all of us being open and honest about this drug that has been shrouded in myths and scare tactics for generations. One of the most common head to head arguments surround pot versus alcohol, so I’m going to offer seven reasons why alcohol is actually worse than pot.

Alcohol Can Kill You, Pot Can't

I recently read an article written by a woman who drank an entire bottle of marijuana lube. It contained 450 mg of THC, marijuana's active ingredient, while the average pot brownie only has about 25 mg. Did she have a miserable time? Yes. But she didn't overdose...and neither has anybody else. Yes, you read that correctly: There isn't a single record of anyone smoking or ingesting so much weed that they died. Alcohol on the other hand kills over 37,000 people in the United States every year, and that's excluding fatal accidents. Welp...

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There's Less Risk Taking Behavior Associated With Pot Than Alcohol

I'm not talking risk taking behavior like deciding to talk to your crush. I'm talking getting into fights, committing crimes, assaulting people, and deciding to drive under the influence. People who smoke pot are
less likely to get into these situations, including fights and or domestic violence. Now, I'm not saying you'll be okay to hop in a car while stoned (please, don't), but you'll be less likely to even humor the idea.


There Are A Lot Less Alcohol Related Accidents Than Pot Related Ones

Okay, so let's not even focus on the ways that alcohol can cause liver failure, respiratory problems, or a whole host of other issues that can lead to someone's death. Let's talk about people accidentally hurting themselves while drunk. Approximately 600,000 college students are injured while drunk every year, and 1,800 die. While there aren't any studies indicating how many pot related injuries occur every year among college students, we know that there were no deaths. Also, one study indicated that the odds of getting into a crash with alcohol in your system increases by 575 percent, while pot didn't increase the risk.

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Alcohol Is A Lot More Addictive Than Pot Is

Alcohol is, hands down, one of the most addictive substances on the planet. People might have an emotional dependency on marijuana, but it doesn't trigger the body in quite the same way that alcohol does. Just think about the fact that alcoholics go through physical symptoms of withdrawal after not having alcohol in their system. Physical withdrawals can actually be fatal in some instances. But with pot? Yeah, no such thing as physical withdrawals.

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Alcohol Is A Lot Worse On Your Body Than Pot

Alcohol is more dangerous in the short term and long term. Short term binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can either lead to a bunch of vomiting or sudden death. Long term alcohol abuse is linked to liver disease (which can lead to liver cancer), brain damage, type two diabetes, etc. Short term marijuana use is linked to increased heart rate and reduced coordination, while long term use has been associated with memory loss and some studies linked its use to psychosis, but those claims are easily ripped apart. Smoking pot isn't even associated with lung cancer!

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Alcohol Doesn't Really Have Medical Benefits, But Pot Has Loads Of Them

Sure, you'll hear about a study every now and then that encourages people to drink a glass of red wine every day, but overall there's been very little research that links to any health benefits of alcohol. Pot on the other hand? It's been linked to pain relief associated with everything from cancer to multiple sclerosis to menstrual cramps.

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Alcohol Is Seen As Less Dangerous Just Because It's Not Illegal, But That's Not True

The vilification of marijuana is absolutely ridiculous, while alcohol is seen as largely harmless and fun, especially since it's legal. Alcohol is perfectly fine in moderation, but people definitely don't take it as seriously as they should just because it's so ubiquitous in our culture. Let's think more critically about dangerous substances, shall we?

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So, what’s your take? Do you think our society treats marijuana unfairly? Tell us in the comments!

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