12 Little Things We All Do That Annoy Everyone

Nobody wants to be annoying. But sometimes you do small things that annoy people without even realizing it. Or, you know it’s annoying when someone else does it, and you do it anyway without thinking. Your intentions are great, but the results you get are not so great. There are times that we either lack confidence, overcompensate, or, as women, feel the need to dumb ourselves down to fit into what society deems attractive. All of these feelings realize themselves in behavior that is appalling

Most people probably won’t say anything when you do something that bothers them. They don’t want to be rude, and they might not even be able to put their finger on what you’re doing- they just know that it’s repelling them like bug spray to a mosquito. Sometimes people forget these little annoying things right away, and other times they remember them every time they se you. Here are a few little things we all do that annoy everyone: 

1. Asking a question and immediately talking over the person.


Okay, yes, sometimes our emotions and opinions get the best of us and we answer our own question as the other person is opening their mouths. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t irritating.


2. Baby talk, when not talking to a baby.


Can we just… not?


3. Saying “I have no filter.”


Yes you do. It filters out anything that won’t get you attention.


4. Immediately assuming something misplaced for an hour was stolen.


“Guys help me, someone stole my phone. Oh wait lol it’s in my hand.”5. Posting a cryptic Facebook status update about how someone did you wrong.


Just explain it. Don’t wait for people to comment or text you being like, “OMG what happened?” Or just don’t even put it on social media. It’s insecure.


6. Posting the quote, “If you can’t handle me at my best, you can’t handle me at worst.”


Oh my God get over yourself.


7. Saying, “I love to have fun.”


So does literally everyone else.


8. Saying how ugly you think you are.


 It’s another way of fishing for compliments.


9. Saying, “I’m not like most girls.”


If you say that, you are like most girls.


10. Bashing other girls.


Not a good look.


11. Acting more dumb than you are.


No. Being smart is cool.


12. Bragging about not being able to cook or take care of themselves. 


“I don’t even know how to boil water!” These are basic life skills, people. Get it together.


Do you do any of these annoying things? Did you realize they were bugging people? Let me know in the comments below!

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