11 Weird Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Lube (Other Than The Obvious)

When you hear the words “beauty hacks” or “life hacks,” chances are good that “sexual lubricant” is not the corresponding object that comes immediately to mind. Right? Like, an instrument for beauty hacks generally means something that you can eat but also rub on your face and hair, if you are so inclined, like avocado or salt, or something weird but not too weird, like tape or spoons. Lube, on the other hand, is generally thought to be useful for one thing and one thing only–you know, uh, sex. And that’s about it.

But here’s the thing–if you happen to have an excess of lube lying around, it doesn’t have to be relegated just to sex. No, lube is a many-faceted wonder that refuses to be confined to just one task, and, as it turns out, it works for basically everything, from shaving cream to lip gloss to hair defrizzer and detangler. And more. If you’re curious, check out all the weird ways that you can use lube here:

1. Shaving cream:


If you need to shave but don’t have any shaving cream, you can just use lube–water-based lube has the same moisturizing and skin-protecting qualities as shaving cream, so it’ll give you a close, smooth, easy shave.


2. Hair gel:


If you watched Grease! Live a few weeks ago, you probably noticed that everyone’s hair in the show was perfect–totally in place, but not too stiff. This is because they used lube, which gives your hair the hold it needs without any crunch. So, next time you need a Rydell High-worthy hairdo, it could be as easy as a bottle of lube.

3. Hair detangler:


If your hair gets super-tangly, rub some in your hair before you wash it. This will ease out any kinks and make brushing it after your shower much easier.


4. Hair defrizzer:


To get rid of frizz, you can also put lube in your hair before you shampoo–just make sure you rinse it all out afterwards, since it can get greasy, too.


5. Makeup remover:


If you’re ever caught somewhere without makeup remover but you’ve got a bottle of lube handy–and if that is the case, what an exciting life you must lead!–just dab some on a cotton ball or swab and rub it on your face. Apparently, this gets rid of makeup almost as well as traditional makeup remover.


6. Lip gloss:


Allegedly, water-based lube doubles as a pretty great lip gloss, since it’s both shiny and moisturizing. Give it a try if you’re so inclined!


7. Stuck jewelry remover:


Put a ring on your finger but can’t seem to get it off? Use lube! Since it’s you know, a lubricant, it’ll make it slippery enough to slide right off.


8. Price tag remover:


If you got a gift for someone but can’t get the price tag off, you can use lube–apparently, if you rub a little on the tag, it will literally just disintegrate.


9. Head lice remedy:


If you’ve got lice and no lice shampoo, brush your hair with silicone-based lube. This will help pick up and comb out both the lice and nits.


10. Static cling solution:


This is prime static cling season–the weahter is cold, the air is dry, and you’re probably getting electric shocks from everything you touch. To deal with the static cling issue with your hair, work a quarter-sized squirt though your hair before you shampoo, which will give you a higher resistance to static.


11. Swelling reducer:


If you’ve got a bruise and no ice pack, you can squirt some lube in a plastic bag and freeze it–apparently, the properties in lube make it work the same way an ice pack would when it’s frozen. The more you know, amirite?


Were you surprised by any of these hacks? Would you use any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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