8 Ways To Actually Stand Out At Prom This Year

I know, I know, it might seem a little early to think about prom nonsense. Even I did all my prom shopping at the last minute and lived to tell the tale. But this last stretch of the school year is going to be a mess of deadlines, midterms, finals, college acceptance letters…you’ll be too busy trying to keep your head above water to really spend a lot of time focusing on what your prom look ought to be. So why not at least get a jump start on what general look you want to go for?

When it comes to a night that you’ll forever have photos of, it’s understandable to want to keep your look simple and classic so you won’t cringe in a few years (though, you might do that no matter what). But there’s definitely something fun about making an effort to rock a look that really makes a statement and comes across as ultra unique. So if you don’t want to blend in with the rest of the crowd this year, check out these eight ways to actually stand out at prom this year.

Wear A Vintage Prom Dress

Whether it's a '60s A-line classic or a gaudy '80s frock, wearing a dress from another era will absolutely set you apart from the herd. If you're instantly thinking this could be tacky...well, it could, if you go for that look (which could be fun, honestly). But don't jump to conclusions. A friend of mine bought her prom dress at a thrift store, and it was a delicate off white dress that seemed to be from the '70s; it looked stunning. You can even go for a minimalist '90s inspired dress and rock a spaghetti strapped silky number. So do a little googling for formal dresses of the past and get some inspo.

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Match With Your Prom Date

I mean, you don't have to wear the same outfit like Janis and Damien in Mean Girls, but an ultra-matching color scheme is gimmicky, cute, and pretty damn funny. I'm not talking you wear a pink dress while your date wears a pink tie. Nah. If you're wearing navy blue, your date's outfit is navy blue, too. If you're wearing gold, your date's outfit is gold, too. Yeah, it'll be a bit of a laugh, but it's nice to have a sense of humor about prom.

Mean Girls

Embrace A Menswear Inspired Look

Eff dresses, rock some menswear inspired clothing instead. You can rock some nice pants with a basic button up and a blazer, or throw in some ultra femme influences, like a formal crop top or bustier-style top. If you don't want to wear a dress and a full on menswear look isn't your speed, consider wearing a jumpsuit instead!

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Go For An OTT Hairstyle

Okay, literally everyone is going to either rock a basic updo they found on Pinterest or curl/straighten their hair. Yawn! Make a statement and do something totally different. Rock a beehive like you're coming straight out of 1965. Or, dye your hair a few days before. Hell, rock a wig!


Go Dramatic With Your Makeup

Don't stress about your dress and hair and go for a bold makeup look instead. This can be so much fun! Look in your favorite stylized magazines, browse on Tumblr, and do some searches on Pinterest to get an idea of what you want to go for. Maybe you want to rock incredibly vibrant blush, or go for Bowie inspired eye makeup, or opt for a '90s inspired lip. The choice is yours!


Wear An Unconventional Prom Dress

Every school and region has a different standard for prom dresses. I know that my Los Angeles high school's prom style was way more laid back than a school in the south. But why not go totally outside the box and rock a dress that isn't super casual but also isn't traditional either. Rock a dress with a funky print, or a dress that has sheer bits, or a dress that has a sporty vibe. This is definitely the move if you're worried about having the same dress as that girl in your English class.

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Rock Some Eye Grabbing Outerwear

Okay, okay, so you're not feeling the over the top makeup and the thought of rocking a '70s prom dress makes you gag. Maybe you can just opt for some really cool outerwear instead to contrast your classic prom look. Go for a glamorous kimono-inspired robe, or a faux fur coat, or a sequin jacket. You'll add a pop of WOW without doing too much work.

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Go Full Carrie

I mean...rocking the "covered in blood" is definitely a way to stand out. You might want to wait for Halloween, though.


Would you do any of these things for prom? Do you already know what your prom look will be? If you’re past your prom days, what look did you go for? Tell us in the comments!

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