14 Ways You Never Knew You Are Actually Ruining A First Date

First dates can be pretty scary. Your expectations are usually sky high and just the anticipation of it can make you feel so nervous. But you know what? That’s completely normal. It’s hard to not get the jitters before dating someone you like for the first time, and chances are, the person you’re dating is feeling pretty nervous too.


If only there were an easy way to make first dates super easy and fun, that would would be amazing. But unfortunately, we have to deal with the fact that some things could go wrong. You might experience a wardrobe malfunction, you might say the wrong things, or you might even end up doing something really offensive and gross. However, on a brighter note, there are ways to prevent your first date from spiraling into a humiliating disaster. If you really want your first date to go smoothly, then here are some thing you should avoid. Or rather, here are 14 ways you never realized you are actually ruining a first date.

1. Not getting a good night’s sleep.


Showing up with huge bags under your eyes or struggling to stay awake during your date is just not a good look. I know it might be easier said than done, but try your best to get some rest the night before. Don’t stay up and obsess over how the date might go.


2. Stalking them the night before.


It might seem like you’re just doing helpful research, but knowing too much on a first date can be a bad thing. It can actually prevent you from connecting naturally because you’re trying to do and say the right things. Another negative: you’ll just worry over the fact that you might blurt out something you weren’t supposed to know.


3. Wearing too much makeup to the point where you feel awkward.


If you love wearing as much makeup as Kim Kardashian, go for it! But if you’re more of an au natural girl or you just like to keep things on the subtle side, then don’t put a bunch of stuff on your face to “make yourself look good.” You’ll look your best if you feel comfortable.


4. Wearing uncomfortable accessories. 


Putting on accessories like lots of jewelry is great, if that’s what you’re into. But, just like with the makeup situation, don’t wear things just because you think you’re supposed to. Piling on tons of different necklaces isn’t going to impress anyone if you feel strangled the entire night.


5. Eating the wrong kinds of food right before your date.


During your date, you want to avoid passing gas and taking several trips to the bathroom (I mean, I assume you want to avoid that!). So on the day of your date, avoid the foods you know will make you gassy or nauseous (like beans or foods that are really high in fiber).


6. Having really high expectations.


There’s nothing wrong with being positive, but at the same time, you need to be realistic. First dates are rarely ever as perfect as we want them to be, so if you keep expecting everything to go perfectly, it’s only going to lead to disappointment.


7. Eating foods that have a lot of onions.


If you don’t want your breath to reek of onions when you guys talk (or maybe even share a kiss), you need to avoid foods that will make your breath smell funky.


8. Agreeing with everything they say.


There’s nothing more boring than trying to have an exciting conversation with someone who consistently agrees with every single thing that you say. Don’t be afraid to showcase your true personality, and keep in mind that disagreeing with something that they say won’t them like you any less.


9. Smiling constantly.


It’s definitely okay to smile once in a while, but trying to keep a smile on your face the entire time is just creepy. Don’t feel like you have to keep smiling to look friendly.


10. Going to the same place where you always went with your ex.


If you’re looking for an easy way to sabotage your date, this is the way to go. I mean, you’d practically be hanging out in a spot where you’re very likely to see or bump into your crush. Talk about awkward


11. Checking your phone all the time.


Checking your phone once in while is not so bad, but using it every five minutes to text someone else or check for something is just rude. It’s understandable if it’s an emergency, but when you’re on a date, your focus should stay on the person you’re with.


12. Trying too hard to be modest.


I seriously hate when this happens. I mean, there’s a difference between being humble and being too self-deprecating. If your date offers you a lot of sweet compliments, don’t feel like you have to deny them in an attempt to appear modest, and don’t use it as a lame technique to fish for more compliments. Just say thank you, it’s that easy.


13. Laughing at everything they say, even if it’s not funny.


Treading your date like they’re a stand up comedian is not a great idea. You’ll only make them feel confused and awkward, so stop trying so hard to impress them and just be yourself.


14. Wearing clothes that are uncomfortable.


When it comes to first dates, it’s definitely important to look your best. However, this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice comfort. Wear something that will make you look and feel good. That way, you don’t have to spend the entire time worrying about your outfit.


Which of these surprised you the most? Have you made any of these mistakes on a first date before? Tell us in the comments below!

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