WTF Are Furry Nails? Everything You Need To Know About This New Nail Trend

I don’t know about you, but I have never been much of a nail polish girl, personally. Something about the way I move my hands, open doors, and reach into bags–abruptly, jerkily, and wholly devoid of any sense of grace whatsoever–makes it so any polish I have on my hands, however hopefully it was applied, gets chipped off within a few hours. Because of this, I usually go without–bare nails are boring, yes, but it’s definitely better than having a chipped-up checkerboard of Essie Petal Pusher that I feel obligated to hide under my sleeves until I finally take it off. Today, though, I found out about a new nail trend that might be able to withstand even my most inept, bumbling of hand gestures–it’s called furry nails.

If this sounds like a bit of a non-sequitur to you (“furry nails” does sound a bit like some kind of weird sex act that you’re only allowed to do if you’re in the Illuminati), you’re not wrong. It is exactly what it sounds like, though–fur applied to your nails, like a little jacket–and it does look weird, kind of. But it’s also oddly appealing in an offbeat, quirky kind of way. Intrigued? Curious? Just want to laugh at people who have fur attached to their nails? It’s all fair game! Check out everything you need to know about furry nails here:

The trend was started by Jan Arnold, the style director and founder of CND nail polish, who had the models in the Libertine fall/winter 2016 show walk down the runway with tufts of fur on their nails:

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The fur is faux, by the way–the nails were covered with CND’s s “Rubble” and “Cream Puff” shades, then covered with brown or white fake fur:


But the attention you’ll get from the look? Totally real:

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Like, someone might make a video about how much they don’t like your nails:

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Many people have pointed out that the trend is not totally user-friendly, too–things can get caught in the fur, it might easily get stringy, it kind of looks like a Troll doll’s wig, etc.–and have taken to both Snapchat and Instagram to air their concerns:

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But other people have added their own interpretation to the look, like this tie-dye edition:


And fuzzy flower look:

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Overall? Maybe it’s not a look for every day. But if you want to pretend to be on the runway–and get some Insta-fame while you’re at it–this might be the way to do it:

What do you think about furry nails? Would you ever try it? Let us know in the comments!

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