10 Gross Things In Your Bathroom You Need To Throw Out Right Now

No matter how neat you are, it can be hard to keep your bathroom organized, clean, and free of clutter – and by clutter, I mean the gross things in there you definitely need to throw out. Your bathroom is used so often and for so many different things that stockpiling items that belong in the garbage is way easier than it should be. I recently cleaned out my bathroom, and the amount of stuff I found in the drawers and cabinets that I had completely forgotten about was astounding. If you think you’ve ever lost something, I suggest you check your bathroom. Seriously.

The difference between unnecessary items piling up in your bedroom and those piling up in your bathroom is the level of bacteria and germs found on the things that live in the same room as your toilet bowl. It’s easy to forget about beauty products or toiletries that are small and often found in the bathroom. It’s also common to forget about expiration dates and continue using things past their shelf life. At the end of the day, we all need to come clean – most of us are guilty of being hoarders. To help you purge your bathroom, here are 10 gross things you need to throw out right now:

Your Old Contact Case

Everyone who wears contacts knows that, no matter how many you get, you keep using the same one - but you should actually be switching them out fairly regularly. When your contacts case begins to get that film around each eye-hole, it may be time to say goodbye. If you wear contacts, chances are you get a new case for free with every box of contacts solution you buy. You can afford to throw these things out and replace them when they get old and crusty.

The crust comes from the soup made by moisture in your contacts solution, the grossness that's stuck in your contacts, and general bathroom gunk. Sexy. In all truth, you could probably wash them, but it's better to be safe than to get an infection or pink eye. Seeing as these things have direct contact with your eyeballs, it may be best to change your contacts case more often than you currently are (which, truth be told, may be never).

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Makeup You Tried Once and Hated

All makeup products have an expiration date before they turn into petri dishes for bacteria, so the makeup you tried once and have yet to remove from your makeup bag is for sure old as hell and needs to be tossed. You'd keep it in the name of incorporating it into a costume or blending it with another product to make it usable, but if you forgot how, where, and why you got it, it's time to throw it out. Even if you never used it, the fact that it's not in regular use means it's been collecting bacteria like they're Pokemon. The same thing goes for old Halloween face paint and other novelty makeup items that have been sitting in your bathroom, taking up space, and being germ sponges.

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Your Old Toothbrush and Toothbrush Holder

Nothing is grosser than the toothpaste and saliva sludge at the bottom of toothbrush holders. It's somehow the hardest thing to clean and triggers the biggest gag response. You keep your toothbrush in a holder in the name of keeping it away from other bathroom germs, but please stop to think about the germs in your holder if you're not actively washing it.

Toothbrushes are meant to be replaced every three to four months when the bristles start to show signs of wearing. That's basic maintenance that we all forget about from time to time. But, maintenance we all get full on amnesia about: cleaning out or tossing the toothbrush holder. Gross.

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Expired Medicine

Many people dismiss the expiration dates of medicine, but they shouldn't. Whether it's over-the-counter pain killers or prescription meds, once they're past the expiration date, they stop working (and honestly, you should never take prescription meds beyond the time designated by your primary care physician). I know we don't really think of things like Advil having a shelf life, but they do. Why have something take up room if it doesn't even work? If you need to keep a record of the medicine you've been prescribed, write down all the info, then throw out the bottle.

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Makeup Samples You've Tried

Take a picture, it lasts longer... I'm being serious. If you want to buy an exact shade of foundation and you found it c/o a sample given to you at a makeup counter, take a picture of the label and bring it back in. Having ten thousand tiny tins of BB cream is not doing any good for anyone. Even if you don't intend to buy the full size of these samples, the plastic wrapped testers that come free with magazines or in goody bags when you buy other products are taking up valuable bathroom real estate and they need to get thrown out asap.

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Unused Lotion

Why do people feel the need to gift girls goop all the time? You only really need a few lotions and the rest can get thrown away. These things also have expiration dates you may not be aware of. Using lotions past this date will alter their fragrance and could potentially irritate your skin. If it's unused, you're literally not using it, so why keep it? You'd donate or toss clothes you weren't wearing, so what makes lotions and sunblock different? The justifications for keeping them are the same, but you're still ultimately better off without them.

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Weird Nail Polish

I don't mean weird colors, I mean nail polish that is getting gunky and janky AF. If your nail polish comes out too thick, clumpy, or streaky and it's not supposed to, it's time to toss out your nail polish. If it's your favorite color and they discontinued it, take a picture and go to the drugstore to find the next best thing. Nail polish is there to make your nails look good, not like your little sister did them. Few things feel more futile than trying to stretch the shelf life on dried up, old nail polish.

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Expired Condoms

They expire, y'all! Unless you're interested in becoming a mother, get rid of your old condoms. They wear thin, the lube dries up, and they full on stop functioning as effective condoms after their expiration date. They're bad for you and bad for him, so don't keep them around. The expiration date is printed on the packaging, so instead of in the moment trying to stay turned on while sifting through your condoms and check the date on it, just purge the old ones right now so you can grab and go when you need one without having to worry about it.

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An Old Loofah

I started using loofahs because in my head, they were cleaner than washcloths. Here's the thing: you can wash a washcloth. What do you do with the old ass loofah you've been scrubbing your dirty body with for YEARS? Unless you want to keep washing your body with the same booty-germs over and over again, you need to throw out and replace your loofah if you're still dedicated to this washcloth alternative. If you're struggling with breaking out all over your back or butt, this may be the culprit. Even when they're not being used, they hang out in your wet shower once you're done and have too many nooks and layers to ever get fully sanitized again. No thank you.

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Disposable Razors

The beauty of disposable razors is that they're... disposable. They come in multiples in one convenient package so you can toss them and replace them. But, real talk: how often do you all remember to replace a rusty razor? If you're going over and over the same spot trying to get the same patch of hair, the blade is probably dull. If you cut yourself with your razor and you wonder if you need to get a bandaid or a tetanus shot, it's for sure time to get rid of your old razor.

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Which of these things do you need to throw out? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Things In Your Closet You Need To Throw Out Right Now

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