11 Of The Most Popular TV Characters Who Are Actually Overrated

Aside from reading and feasting on chocolate, one of my favorite hobbies is binge-watching TV shows. As you already know, I’m almost always fascinated by the villains. But you know what I recently noticed? There are a lot of TV protagonists who are extremely overrated. Or in other words, the main characters are always given so much credit while the supporting characters and villains (who are usually more complex and compelling) are pushed into the background.

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Now, before you read on, I should clarify one thing: Just because I listed these characters, it doesn’t mean that I dislike them all. A few of them happen to have great qualities and they’re very likeable, so I wouldn’t necessarily label them as the worst characters to ever grace the screen. However, I do feel that they aren’t as great as they’re hyped up to be.

Check out this list of the 11 most popular TV characters that are actually overrated.

1. Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries


In my eyes, Elena is basically a reincarnation Twilight‘s Bella Swan (who I actually consider to be one of the most boring female fictional characters I’ve ever read). Elena is the centerpiece of the show. She is the shining, glittery trophy that’s constantly fought over by two brothers who fall head over heels for her. But aside from her cute smile, I never really understood her appeal. I was definitely intrigued by her slow shift from goody-two-shoes to badass, self-absorbed vixen. However, it still annoyed me that everything had to revolve around her, especially when more interesting characters like Bonnie, Caroline, and Tyler were pushed to the sidelines.


2. Cece Parekh from New Girl


I have mixed  feelings about Cece. There are times when I actually enjoy watching her scenes (especially when she’s with Schmidt), and there are times when I get bored of her pretty fast. I mean, I get that she’s like the sister that Jess never had, but at the same time I feel like I don’t know that much about her. While I do enjoy her sass and wit, I can’t ignore the fact that her character sometimes comes off as bland and one-dimensional.


3. Dr. Jeremy Reed from The Mindy Project


Yes, he still makes me chuckle a few times and I adore that flawless British accent, but I’ve got a bone to pick with this tall, pale, and handsome doctor. In recent episodes, it seems like Dr. Reed is given more attention than he deserves, and this annoys me. I mean, for one, it’s like he transformed from the sexy, swoon-worthy model into this annoying and insanely jealous sap with barely any self-control. He’s not that much of a good character, and it’s just hard to not see him as the token British guy whose mere presence becomes annoying.


4. Will Schuester from Glee 


I’ll admit that I used to really love Will. I mean, it was hard to not identify with a gorgeous young teacher who had a struggling marriage and a passion for kids. However, as the seasons progressed I saw that he could be very selfish, hypocritical and inconsiderate (I mean, what teacher blackmails their student into doing what they want by planting marijuana in their locker?). Now, even though my perspective of him changed, I was still eager to learn more about him. His evil deeds did spark an interest and make me more curious about his true personality. However, I didn’t like that he was constantly praised and painted as the picture-perfect teacher and role model. Yes, he was good at his job, but he’s only human. He’s not that great to the point where he should be crowned as the world’s best teacher.


5. Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf 


Words really can’t describe how much it annoyed me to see Stiles pander after Lydia like a love-sick dog. She appeared to be so shallow and unnecessarily mean, but more importantly, there didn’t seem to be any real depth to her character. Even now, while a lot has changed and we got a better idea of who she really is, somehow, Lydia’s character still feels insignificant. I feel like she needs a lot more time to really develop and grow so that she can be the strong, female lead most fans would imagine her to be.


6. David Clarke from Revenge


Seeing David’s miraculous return at the end of season three was almost like watching Lazarus rise from the dead. His character’s return would be the highlight of season four, and I was so excited to learn more about how much he changed. But sadly, David’s character just didn’t live up to all the hype for me. It was interesting to see his darker side but at the same time, those encounters with Amanda were unbearably awkward and he was often on edge. His recklessness became a turn off, and while I appreciate the fact that he made amends with Amanda, it seems like he quickly boiled down to just another minor character.


7. Amy Juergens from Secret Life Of The American Teenager


Although I was annoyed by about ninety percent of the cast, the one character that I truly couldn’t stand was Amy, especially during the first season. She was the typical angst-y, whiny, and naive teenager who lashed out when things don’t go her way. And even when she became a bit more mature in the following seasons, I just didn’t find her that interesting.  The fact that she became a mother at a young age didn’t automatically make her a shining hero, and it definitely didn’t excuse the fact that she was often selfish and mean.


8. Mary Margaret from Once Upon A Time  


I like Mary Margaret. She can be so sweet and nurturing and kind, but at the same time, she’s a total badass. I can understand why she’d be lauded as one of the best characters on the show, especially since she has such a strong personality. However, there are times when she gets really annoying, and she’s not as “pure” as most people make her out to be.


9. Rachel Green from Friends


Maybe it was her attractiveness and cool hairstyle that appealed to fans, but in reality, Rachel is by far one of the worst characters I’ve even ever seen on TV. She’d bratty, immature, self-centered, manipulative, and overall just an awful friend. Furthermore, I didn’t find her character that funny. So to this day, I just can’t understand why anyone would be drawn to her character.


10Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother


Barney is actually a caricature of every single feminist’s worst nightmare. That’s what makes him so funny and entertaining. However, it bugs me that his character made little to no effort to change. Even worse, it seems like fans are more accepting of his habits. I get that the intention is to be funny, but there’s a thin line between jokes that are actually funny and offensive jokes that take things way too far. While Barney is definitely interesting to watch, his character shouldn’t be praised as if he’s a role model for all men.


11. Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood


Sookie is yet another version of the famous Bella Swan from Twilight. Two guys end up trying to win her when it turns out that the prize isn’t even worth fighting for. After all, all that glitters is not gold. And Sookie, the cute but boring and immature character who acts like she has no sense of morality, certainly isn’t that valuable.

Do you agree that these characters are overrated? Did we leave anyone out? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • avi

    While I agree with Barney being on the list, I have to disagree with your reasoning: nobody on that show was ever funny or entertaining.

  • creativecubez

    Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Yes she might be pretty, but my god she’s annoying. I’m only on Season 3 so if her character develops a lot more then maybe I’ll like her even more.