The 34 Most Important Moments Of The 2016 Grammy Awards

In case you missed it, the 2016 Grammy Awards aired last night (February 15) and it was… well… it was an awards show. Okay, actually, no it wasn’t. The majority of the awards were given out earlier in the day, before the ceremony, so the show itself was basically just a really long concert featuring lots of glamorous celebrities. Unfortunately, that sounds a lot better than it actually was. You would think that a show filled with performances by incredible artists and appearances from our favorite celebs would be the best thing ever – it was not. The Grammys were boring, disappointing, and long.

But even though the show as a whole was a let down, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some big moments you need to know about. From Taylor Swift taking over to Kendrick Lamar making everyone feel #blessed to some big award snubs, everyone needs to be up-to-date on what went on. Here are the 34 most important moments of 2016 Grammy awards: 


1. First, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez showed up together and SLAYED EVERYONE.


2. I mean, truly. They looked fantastic.


3. Taylor also debuted a new haircut, which was, um… it was a look.


4. Justin Bieber, not to be outdone, brought along his little brother, and honestly it was the cutest.


5. Zendaya showed off this mullet wig, and I just could not get behind it, no matter how much I love her.


6. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd came together and looked fabulous.


7. LL Cool J hosted again, because obviously.


8. Taylor performed first, singing Out Of The Woods, which we all know is about Harry Styles.


9. Taylor and Selena were pretty adorable in the audience too.


10. Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood were amazing.


11. Adele was there!


12. Kendrick Lamar gave an incredible performance.


13. …But we can only imagine that not everyone loved it.


14. And then the Grammys went from Kendrick to Seth Macfarlane and nobody understood why.


15. Ed Sheeran won Song Of The Year, and Taylor Swift was SO EXCITED.


16. Rihanna cancelled her performance at the last minute, which was nothing short of devastating.


17. I mean, I’m sure she had cooler things to do, but it wasn’t the same without RiRi.


18. And after that, things were just… blah.


19. I mean, literally, like five awards were handed out.


20. We all felt like this:


21. There was a tribute to Lionel Richie, who was stoked about it.


22. Demi Lovato sang and did an amazing job.


23. And for some reason, people were surprised about that?


24. At one point, we realized this awards show was missing something crucial: Taylor Swift awkward dancing shots.


25. One of the most disappointing awards of the night was when Meghan Trainer beat out Tori Kelly for Best New Artist.


26. This…. happened.


27. The most surprising moment of the night had to be Adele’s performance, which didn’t sound great, which goes against everything we know about Adele.


28. Taylor won Album Of The Year, and threw some serious shade at Kanye West (which he totally deserved).


29. Meanwhile, Selena was emotional for her BFF.


30. But Tori Kelly didn’t seem thrilled – and also her face embodied everything we all felt:


31. For some reason that no one quite understands, Pitbull closed out the show and Sofia Vergara came out dressed as a taxi to dance?


32. Kanye was most likely somewhere, wondering what else to tweet about to make everyone pay attention to him again.


33. Beyonce appeared, but it was far too short:


34. At some point, Justin Bieber changed and looked like he was working.

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Which of these Grammy moments was your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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