9 Body Insecurities We All Have That Actually Don’t Matter

It sucks to realize that something as seemingly small as body insecurities have the potential to ruin your whole day. Unexpected heat wave forces you to break out the shorts and you don’t feel ready to show off your legs yet? Mood ruiner. Got a glimpse at your face from an unflattering angle? Instant vibe-killer. Even the most confident girls have that one thing about their body that makes them feel less than stellar, because we all experience insecurities about our body. And while some are valid, others need to be stopped.

I know that the pressure to feel confident and body positive can be overwhelming. It’s exhausting to feel like you constantly have to love yourself no matter what, or to feel like you’re being a “bad feminist” if you feel bad about yourself. And while I don’t think you have to spend every waking moment loving yourself the way Kanye West loves himself, I do think you need to make an effort to get over your body insecurities, especially certain common ones that just don’t make sense.

Your insecurities will be present at every weight, body shape, and age in your life. Certain insecurities need to be embraced so that you can move on, and others need to disappear completely. Like what, you ask? Here are nine body insecurities you need to get over right now:

Your Stomach Roles When You Site

All bellies fold over when you sit. They aren't "rolls" and tbh if you do have actual rolls, you probably get an additional bunch when you sit, too, just like everybody else. This is your body functioning in working order. If you didn't bunch a little bit, sitting would be very uncomfortable. If your shirt gets stuck, un-stick it because that can feel uncomfortable. Having a sit-roll is so completely normal and okay, so don't feel weird if you have one.

Your Front-Cam Double Chin

We all know the horror of turning on your phone's camera and having it accidentally on selfie-mode. No one looks good from that angle. In fact, there's lots of angles not a lot of people look good from. Some angles may make you look like you have a double chin, as we're all well aware, thanks to cell phones. I've seen countless creams to tighten your neck skin (what?) in the name of getting rid of a double chin, but chances are, you're just seeing things. The camera can be deceptive. No one looks good from every angle and everyone has that untaggable picture online of them with a double chin.

The Way Your Vagina Smells

Vaginas are supposed to smell like vagina. What doe this mean? Well, for starters, it means that yours is unique - not all vaginas smell the same. If you're feeling self conscious about your personal smell, know that there's no true normal or standard all vagina smells are held to. If you think they're supposed to smell like berries or flower or some other scented garbage, the stuff you're putting on your vag to make it smell that way is going to wreck your pH balance and give you an infection. Partners complaining about vagina smell should reevaluate their predilection towards having sex with vaginas. Yes, this part of your body smells different than the rest of your body, but it's nothing to get anxious and insecure about.

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Your Large Shoe Size

I know some of you might wonder why someone would be self conscious about their shoe size, but hear me out. We're taught from a very young age that the ideal woman is supposed to be dainty and small. We feel like we're not supposed to have big feet or be big in any way. Finding shoes that fit can be awkward and embarrassing for big footed girls. There's no shame in having larger feet than your friends. The literal size of your bones in your skeletal make-up are the least personal things about you, so why take it personally?

Your Cellulite

Just like everybody poops, everybody has cellulite, even boys. It may be more noticeable when you sit or in certain outfits, but everybody has it. I long believed that only people of a certain age or weight had cellulite, so cue a premature middle school freak out when I saw mine. You can feel weird about it if it's the first time you've noticed that you actually have cellulite. Chances are, you'll notice it soon after you start puberty, but we all have it to some degree.

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Your Uneven Boob Sizes

Everyone has different sized boobs. It may be noticeable or it may not be, but no two boobs are identical. Boobs actually never stop growing. If you're feeling weird about it, relax because they might be growing (or shrinking?) and they might look more similar over time. You're the only one who scrutinizes and notices all of these imperfections at the extreme attention to detail that you do because you're the one living in your body. Your not-so-identical boobs are nothing to stress about. All boobs are great.

Your Skin Color

This one's a doozy. Beyond existing societal pressure against POC, there's multi-layered prejudice against darker skinned people within our own communities. India is known for their skin bleaching creams, which I find completely horrifying. On the flip side of things, even though white people have white privilege, there's so many girls who feel self conscious about being pale. So, no one really wins here, right? Your skin is your skin. It's doing a great job keeping your insides on the inside and being waterproof so you don't become a human sponge. Can we all agree to stop hating ourselves for our personal skin color and learn to love it? You're going to do the whole world a lot more good that way.

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Your Jiggly Bits

AKA anything that moves when your body moves: thighs, belly, arms, you name it. Freaking out that your body jiggles stops a lot of people from exercising, swimming, and wearing comfortable clothes during hot weather. There's a whole dieting industry making bank on women who are trying to jiggle less #NotAllCarbs. If  you look at a super fit person at the gym, you'll notice that even their body has its own jiggle when they move. If you have a body, it's going to jiggle. Some jiggle more than others, that's true, but it's nothing to get overly hung up about.

Your Crooked Teeth or Braces

Smile! Braces can make you feel weird, especially if you have them later in life. Crooked teeth can make you feel self conscious. You may not be able to afford braces or you may not have access to a dentist, which may make you feel self conscious for other reasons. I haven't had dental coverage for years and got made fun of - by my new dentist, of all people. Teeth are such a personal thing. But you know what? So is joy. Nothing is worth not-smiling over. I know people who've gone through life smiling with their mouth closed because they're afraid of someone seeing their teeth and that's no way to live.

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Which of these body insecurities have you experienced? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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